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Oral Anglais Myths And Heroes

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Myths and heroes


Today, I'm going to deal with the notion of myths and heroes. First of all let me give you a definition of a myth. It is a popular story written in order to guide the society toward certain values and an ideal of life. Usually, a myth is based on unreal facts, often led by a Hero.

A hero is a courageous person who is ready to sacrifice himself to rescue other people.

-Some heroes are famous for standing up against devil like Batman, Superman, Captain America, etc. … We called them Superheroes.

-There is also another of hero, the real-life persons as firefighters.

So, we can wonder How Myths and heroes influence the behavior of the society?

Indeed, the society needs a model to build a better society for the people who live in.

Firstly, we will analyze the myth of the American dream and its impacts in the world. Then in second part, we will study the American heroes.


To put it in a nutshell, I think that societies inspire from myths in a way that they have a great impact on us. In my opinion, heroes influence the society, and we can see the result of their influence in the instruction their commitment to defend and promote honorable values. They act as model. However, even if you may get some inspiration from mystical stories and iconic figures, in the end you will have to face reality and be aware of the imperfection of mankind.


It's true that the American dream is still in our mind and give a positive image of the United States.

a) What is the American Dream ?

The American dream, is characterized by the idea of an America full of promises that are very attractive. It lets people think that anybody living in America, thanks to courage, hard work and determination, can succeed. People can begin from scratch and find a work, build a house and a real family or make fortunes. The American dream has always been a way to give a good image to the state. Foreigners come in America in order to begin a new and better life.

In the song of Bruce Springsteen, called American Land, he summarizes the vision of the majority of immigrants having left everything for the country.

At first sight, the song seems to be naive because it idealizes America, a place where you can become rich. It would be easy to climb up the social ladder, live in a rags-to-riches story.

That's why lots of destitute people from all over the world flocked to Ellis Island. Most immigrants try to live during they kill themselves to work for a better life. The song is about the concept of work ethic : if you work hard you should success. The song ends on a positive note, even if in the past many people suffered and died, the American dream is still alive.

One could also say that end is slightly ironic as the singer famous, this vision of America is false.

Even if, he's the spokesman of all immigrants, past and future, he warns them that it's not going to be that easy.

b) Negative aspects

In fact, many people criticize the idea of the American dream because they think that it is impossible for everyone to realize their dreams. There are still inequalities in social class, race, religion and ethnicity preventing people from « living the dream ».

-Indeed the reality is sometimes quite different. This dream is an illusion for some immigrants. Once they are in America,


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