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Myth And Heroes, Oral Anglais Bac( Witch Hunting)

Documents Gratuits : Myth And Heroes, Oral Anglais Bac( Witch Hunting). Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Myth and heroes

We are going to speek about Myth and heroes, A myth is a story that may or may not be true, All cultures have myths, These stories have a great symbolic power.

A Hero can be a person, who have superhuman qualities or just be like others people who is admired because he helps a lot of person in difficulty.

We have study documents about the legend of witches and the McCarthysim

What we know about the witch hunting ?

In the 17th century American colonists believed in witches. Indeed mass of hysteria was provoked by a groupe of girls in the city of Salem. Those girls was sick and the community thought they was devil on their because they had convultion.

Witches were hunted down by puritans, This community which was very strict with the perso who didn't respected their rules. In fact those who were said to be under the influance of the devil were arrested, tortured and often put to the death, but that was justified to protect people from the devil.

Whitch trials took place in Salem in 1692, ­200 people were accused of whitchcraft and 20 people were hanged.

After the world war two, In the United States, the gouvernment was feared by communist spy, this is the period of red scare, the American authority blacklist everybody who was suspected of being a communist or a sympathizers. A lot of personalities was blacklisted in the Hollywood industries, like Charlie Chaplin who was forced to leave his country.

Miller decided to set his play The Crucible in the 17th century because there was a link, he saw an analogy between the 2 eras in the fight against enemies of the United States. He had to find a way to denounce what was happening in the United states as that time, and Both the Salem witch hunt and the Red Scare were triggered by fear.

During the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 and the Red Scare of the 1950s, communities under a lot of stress hosted formal hearings during which members of these communities accused others of violating social standards. While these periods in history share many similarities, they were also distinctly different times that produced distinctly different consequences. However, when both periods ended, many accusers were filled with misgivings regarding decisions they made during the community meltdowns.


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