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Oral Anglais Myths And Heroes

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I will talk about the notion of Myths and Heroes.

A hero can be a person real or fictif, it is defined as someone recognized by his actions or his generosity. Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela are the names of heroes who are most frequently mentioned.

But today, new heroes appear like Mark Zuckenberg, Lady Gaga, Mickael Jackson.

Indeed, the concept of hero is now very confused. The figure of the hero was changed.

One may wonder how the definition of a hero has it changed? What are the causes and who are the new hero?

To begin, we speak of heroes we can't forget, and in a second part, we will focus on new heroes and new definition of hero.

First, talk about the heroes who marked the Humanity, those that everyone knows and continues influenced generations and generations

In this year of mourning, it was obvious for me to talk about Nelson Mandela. This man is the symbol of reconciliation between whites and blacks. Many define him as the greatest hero of humanity. It is known by the whole world. This is a person that we admire for who he is and what he has done.

There are also other heroes that are classified in other categories but who are part of these heroes of yesterday like Charlie Chaplin, known for his cinematographic works that everyone has already seen, but today new heroes do not score much history that their past generations

Regarding today's heroes, It now means someone who is courageous. They help in saving people or society from people, villains or natural disasters, like superman or batman.A hero can also be someone who is helpful, polite or helps people who need it. The word is used in the sports world to mean an extraordinary player or an athlete.

The following World War II decades, are marked by a profound transformation of the world heroes. The great figures like Mandela or Che Guevarra seems scarce. Globalization is the source of a wide range of heroic figures. The media systems has indeed become the main "producer" of heroes. The consequences of this are:

More many heroes but over a shorter period, for example " the fifty of Fukushima ", who worked under extreme conditions and with little protection in the banned sites to make interventions after the disaster in the central. These men put their lives at risk by taking the risk of receiving large doses of radioactivity. Yet today, three years later, nobody talks about these heroes who gave their bodies to the central.

The second consequence is the appearance of controverted heroes like Oscar Pistorius known for his athletic prowess with his disability, but now since the scandal of the murder of his girlfriend, some, called him as a murderer, others don't forget his exploits on athletics track.

On the website of CNN we studied an article by Cynthia Falardeau, who has a son who lost his right hand. She had given her opinion about Pistorius about him and his mistakes, she said that he is not a god, despite his extraordinary performances, he is just a man, who can make mistakes.

So, new heroes have theirs limits, and media amplify everything, he finds himself in a


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