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Synthese d’anglais : Myths and heroes

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Synthese d’anglais: Myths and heroes

I am going to talk about the notion myths and heroes. First of all it is a paramount to define what myths and heroes means. A myth can be defined as a story about gods or heroes, it can be a popular belief or a tradition or a false notion. A hero can be a mythological figure, a person who is admired for his achievements, a person who is distinguished by exceptional courage, strength or talent. Sometimes, the main character of a story is called a « hero » in books or movies, like Harry Potter. Today for example Michael Jackson is viewed as myth, indeed he is considered as the King of pop music. He revolutionized the music industry and he changed the life of some people by bringing them the happiness in their life.

I am going to who were and are heroes in the past and now? Why some people are regarded as heroes? How myths and heroes are influence people?

Firstly, I will study the example of myths and heroes that exercise particular influence on people and on our history and then, I will try to explain why they have influenced and transformed some people’s life.

In the English-speaking countries there are some concrete examples of myths and heroes.

In England the monarchy and the royal family have always been a source of inspiration for the British people. Indeed, the king and the queen are hailed as a hero by their people. They embody different values such as respectability, honesty, prestige, strength and stability.

For example the queen of England Elizabeth II who has been queen for 60 years is the perfect to illustrate the strong influence that the monarch have on the British people.

She embodies the stability during the major crisis such as Diana’s death were courage and strength were essential. For the British people the queen is a hero, she represents for them the nation, the British way of life and its history.

Moreover, for English people, the royal family is viewed as their own family and an example to follow. Prince Harry’s action in Lesotho to help destitute people reveal that the royal family is a guide for the British people or also Lady Diana who devoted her life to charities was much respected for her actions. One of the most duties for the monarch is to have an exemplary behavior and to keep the unity of nation.

In the history, some people became heroes and it is now relevant to analyze why they have turned into heroes.

Steve Jobs was an orphan who was adopted by a lower middle class family. He dropped out from school and he didn’t graduate from university. He had nothing to succeed, he starts from scratch and over the years he moved up the social ladder. Steve Jobs revolutionized the world of computers with, Apple. He is considered like a hero thinks to his determination, imaginative and his smart which allowed him to reach the Top. Steve Jobs was a hard-working. Nowadays he has been considered as a model, an example of success.

Barack Obama can be considered as hero. Indeed he is from a modest black family. His father by immigrating by Kenya to USA achieved


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