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Oral Anglais : Myths And Heroes

Dissertation : Oral Anglais : Myths And Heroes. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Expression Oral Anglais

Good morning, I go to speack about the notion of Myths and Heroes.

According to the dictionary, a myth it's a fantastic story with invented superhuman creatures, but it comes from a true story. The current hero is one person who is admired for his bravery or extraordinary achievements, and usually they have special characteristics.

What I find interesting about this notion is the different types of heroes we have studied. Indeed, there are the usual heroes, we see them in American movies, and BD. They are not common people, they have powers that make them a person superior to the others like a laser vision, the power to fly, or run very fast, superhuman strength and other things such as Superman, Batman or Hancock. They are always in the place when we need them, and no matter the danger, they manage to succed gloriously. For many children, they are models.

Then there are the "accidental heroes" because they not choose to be taht. This is the example of Malala, a young girl pakistani that we tried to kill when she defended the right of girls to study , because that it's banned in his country and many others. Instead of silence, she continued to struggle, I think it's fantastic because she shows a enormous courage and strong determination. Any person can have this qualities, but not all the people are able to show them. There is also the heroes of everyday, embodied by anonymous: they are firefighters, police, certain politicians and others.

All those who fight for a just cause, to defend the rights of those who haven't voice. In my opinion, it's these heroes the most numerous and those who we notice less and nevertheless, they acomplissent extraordinary achievements. A minority know that the neighbor was saved by his wife to die suffocated by a piece of meat, or that this man lives thanks to the lung of an anonymous donor. I think that every world has material to become a hero, the most important isn't to show that to the other, but prove to oneself.


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