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Idea of progress : In what way has the family changed to fit the society?

Dissertation : Idea of progress : In what way has the family changed to fit the society?. Recherche parmi 293 000+ dissertations

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We are going to deal with the notion of “idea of progress”. We can define the word “progress” as an element that improves people’s quality of life. Families have evolved over time and also according to the society the families belong to. I am going to answer the question: In what way has the family changed to fit the society? To answer this key question I am going to see the evolution of the family and evolution of the society throughout times and finally, how the family has adapted to the society.

I. Evolution of the family

First, we can see that the family has evolved over time. The family can take many forms. Before the families were traditional families, which are a form of family structure corresponding to a household with two married or unmarried parents and their children, as opposed to the extended family that may have several generations. There are one-parent families, families consisting of one of two parents living with their children and stepfamilies, a family consisting of two families whose parents are divorced or separated and who have remarried or not and live in the same family home.

II. Evolution of the society

Then, Since the middle of the twentieth century, the couple has undergone many changes. Indeed, we see for example changes in the form and in the life of the couple. We are witnessing a dramatic decline in the number of marriages. Subsequent marriages became less frequent and later. Both parents work what the woman did not do before. Men are now doing housework.

We have seen that mentalities have changed since the shape of the couple has changed over time and that we have moved from traditional family to stepfamily, not married .... To answer the key question the Families have evolved well depending on the time because social codes have changed and the family could take a different form.


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