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Idea of progress : how the condition of women has evolved and what about nowadays in cinema.

Dissertation : Idea of progress : how the condition of women has evolved and what about nowadays in cinema.. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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I’m going to talk about the notion « IDEA OF PROGRESS ». This year in class we studied several documents about this notion and in particular about the India’s culture.

So we can ask question : « How does Indian’s culture influence the english-speaking world ? »

For begin, we are going to speak about the power of India and then the radiating influence.

We have seen, thanks to two pictures on the book that India is a contrasting country. In fact, we see clearly 2 types of power in India. There is the military power : This picture show us the military power with the guard of honor with soldiers wearing traditional uniforms and helmets, and standing at attention. They show their power for impress visiter. So the army provides an image strong and autheritative of the India.

And there is the culture power : It’s a different image of the India, its represent more the india that we can imagine. This women wearing saris and jewels so the traditional dress. So we have an image softer than the first. We see that the women blowing a kiss to the public during a folkdance performance. So it’s the culture power as diwali in celebarated away from India in london we can say that because we can read on the pictue : « Diuali in London ». So the picture must have been taken in London during this traditional Hindu celebration.

So Indian culture has an influence overseas. India will use this soft power for convince and influence like the picture where we see a lot of people do yoga on the place of times squares.

The india was able to promote yoga worldwide and incite many countries to take part in the event. Thanks to such a celebration more and more people will be drawn to yoga.

So it’s an influence figure, a motive force.

Now, we are going to talk about the radiating influence. We are going to use the text on the kitchen, on the music and on the politic and we are going to use the video on the medicine for speak about this. So we are going to see severals aspects of India’s culture who which seems to convince Western people.

So there is the kitchen. We can take like exemple the traditionnal dish : the Balti curry. This dish has become part of the British everyday life, so much so that it has now truly become a part of the culture and is claimed as such by the British.

For the music, we are going to talk like exemple Ravi Shankar, a famous Indian artist who played classical music. With his music, western public was fascinated with Eastern culture.

The methods of the India medicine are very famous and used. This medicine use different ressoures such as herbs, health routines like massages, exercices and diets to cure diseases. So that represent well the wisdom and the healthy living of the Indian people. The Hindu culture is more and more use today with the Western people.

And the last point it’s the politics. We can take like exemple Gandhi, who is a universally respected Indian


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