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Idea of progress : In what ways can new technologies represent idea of progress ?

Fiche : Idea of progress : In what ways can new technologies represent idea of progress ?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Idea of progress :

Définition: The idea of progress can be defined as an improvement, a development or a change - a technical, scientific or social advance which contributes to making the world a better place.

Accroche: Among the whole of proposition offered by the notion “idea of progress”, I chose to speak about the news technologies who are in a permanent progress.

Problématique: In what ways can new technologies represent idea of progress ?

Plan: To start my presentation, I will present a document about the news technologies, then I will talk about the digitally excluded and to finish, I will to talk about the Amish.

Development: To start my presentation, I will present you a document who’s name “technology use around the world”. The document teaches us a lot of information on the nex technologies. Iceland is have the highest percentage of its population connected to the Internet, ninety eight percent. Then, sixty percent of the population don’t have a connexion to Internet. After, China is the country who use the most of electricity in the world. The British have on average seven electronic devices in each houses. Finally, only five percent of American households live without a TV set. We can see an augmentation in the digital connexion in the world.

        To continue my presentation, I will speak about the digitally excluded. The digitally excluded is the fact that peoples are addict at the new technology. They have no real social life, only to the internet. Some camps against addiction have been created against this addiction. We can considered this like progress because is a new malady.

        To finish my presentation, I will to talk you about the Amish. The Amish are disconnected by choice. The Amish are a population who life like the bible say. No have internet connexion, television not even cars. It’s very difficult to life without internet connexion because now a lot of things happens to the internet.

        To conclude, we can see a net augmentation of news technologies (internet connexion, television…). The new technologies is a progress in subject of technology and medicine because we can see new malady so new technique to heal.

        My topic opening is “Today, we can live without technology ?”   


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