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The idea of progress : how these various advances have been able to advance our society and change lives ?

Synthèse : The idea of progress : how these various advances have been able to advance our society and change lives ?. Recherche parmi 294 000+ dissertations

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We are going to deal with the notion « idea of progress ». To begin with, I’d like to give a definition of the notion. Progress is a steady evolution towards a better stage. It is thus the idea that the world can become a better . Progress is defined as any kind of improvement. There are different types of progress such as social progress or technological or political progress and to illustrate this I will speak about these three types of progress. We will ask ourselves how these various advances have been able to advance our society and change lives . So, in first part i will talk about the social progress , in a second part i will talk about the political progress and finally I will talk about technological progress


Social progress is the search for an improvement in the living conditions of the human being through a change in social organization.

We have seen social progress with the document humans of New York and special Olympics . Humans of New York is a popular Instagram account who have 8,9 millions subscribes. They take picture of people in New York and all around the world and in Last March they take picture about people with intellectual disabilities on the occasion on the Special Olympics World Games in the United Arab Emirates . The Special Olympic sis a global sports competition athletes with intellectual disabilities . The goal is to demonstrate courage and develop physical fitness but also to make friends and experience solidarity . It’s a social progress because it allows them to better integrate into society and to participate in events that they did not think they could participate in but also it allows them to create a social life.

II.Political progress

We see the political progress with a school shooting in Parkland . The school shooting led to a national discussion about gun violence because in USA they have the right to carry a weapon . After the shooting the survivors of Parkland organised a March In Washington D.C to raise about change about gun violence. During the march many different children and teens made their voices heard . They speak in front of the Capitol which is a symbol of political power in Washington DC.

They defend victims of gun violence .

It’s a progress because teens and children  engage in politics and its listen by a large audience.

III.Scientific /technological progress

We have seen the technological progress with the movie Gattaca .In the film babies are genetically modified before they are born.People would like longer and perform better.Parents would be choose the appareance of their baby .Vincent the narrator was conceived naturally and at birth the doctors took his blood to analyse .He probably has to have diseases like depression or heart diseases .Your blood is your resume .Vincent is discriminated by science because he want to go to space but the closest job he could find was to clean the office of scientists

In the passage from I am Legent the world was destroyed by vampire-zombies. A scientist found a cure for cancer by transforming a virus into a vaccine.Progress turned into a form of regression for mankind and she didn’t prepare for the long time side effects of this cure.

Conclusion :

Progress is about changing society. We have seen progress with three different types of progress, each of which is changing the world today.

Progress, whether it is a social,political,scientific or technological may lead to regression xithin society , because of Man’s canelessness and desire for profit of power


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