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Idea of progress, In what scientific progress can be used for bad intentions?

Dissertation : Idea of progress, In what scientific progress can be used for bad intentions?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Idea of progress

As Oscar Wilde said, "Progress is only the fulfillment of utopias" but the idea of progress can also be defined as an improvement, a development or a change – a technical, scientific or social advance which contributes to making the world a better place. But there is one domain where the progress is very important since the beginning of the twentieth century: the medicine. Indeed, nowadays the doctors can cure a lot of diseases, injuries and anomalies and save more and more people over the years. Furthermore, scientists progress more and more in the comprehension of the human body and particularly the functioning of the brain. But these advances are not always used in good ways and can be diverted from their original purpose. In what scientific progress can be used for bad intentions?

In a first part, I’m going to explain the consequences of a bad use of genetic manipulation and in a second part those of a bad use of brain manipulation.

I/ Genetic engineering

A new technique to cure genetic diseases has been developed in 90's, his name is preimplantation genetic diagnosis or PGD. This method is basically designed to diagnoses and treats possible genetic diseases present in the embryo such as mucovisidosis or hemophilia. But PGD can be used for cosmetic purposes and a lot of people choose characteristics of their future baby as they order a menu at a fast food. This use of PGD raises ethics questions and the consequences can be very important for the world. There is a risk to create a business in the creation of the ideal baby and after, a kind of industrialization of babies which could lead to the dehumanization of the human being. Also the bad use of PGD can perform a sort among humans according to their physical and intellectual attributes.

II/ Brain manipulation

Every year, scientists discover new aspects, new characteristics of the human’s brain and these progress can be useful to manipulate the brain for cure some diseases or handicap. But unfortunately, these advances are also used in market research, this is called: neuromarketing. This is a type of market research which uses medical technologies related to the brain to sell products. Research’s aim consists in knowing the consumer’s desires and preferences. They try to understand the brain mechanisms involved when a customer is buying a specific brand : this a helpful tool to manipulate people’s choices and to make more money. Neuromarketing manipulates consumers’ brains and accelerate the consumption in the world. Furthermore this technique shows that brands don’t hesitate to use unethical processes to increase their wealth at the expense of consumers.

The bad use of scientific progress can change the world and create a society where there is no ethic and where the population is manipulated by international brands. Also, genetic engineering can be the origin of a new world where the majority could be perfect and where a sort could be perform among humans. But there are solutions to regulate these advances and their uses like The President's Council on Bioethics in USA for example.


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