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  • Analyse de document anglais

    Analyse de document anglais

    The battle over the gender price gap This press cutting entitled “The battle over the gender price gap” extracted from the British Broadcasting Corporation news magazine of February the fifth, 2016, deals with justly the battle over the gender price gap. So the main issue of this article is how

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    INTRODUCTION: Nowadays we are more and more raise awareness among the sustainable development. Thus, some text tries to raise awareness of environmental issues especially pollution, over consumption and food waste. This text is part of it. We try to give a better world to future generations. This text is an

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  • Analyse de Gandhi

    Analyse de Gandhi

    Gandhi portrait Short présentation: ↘ Birth 1869, on the west coast of India. ↘ Death in 1948, in Dehli. ↘ He was called the Bapu in India (« father »). ↘ Her wife: Kasturbai, who remained until 1942 ↘ Gandhi is recognized as the Father of the Nation in India,

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  • Analyse pub bateau

    Analyse pub bateau

    At first glance, we have the impression that this as is only composed of a very large blue background degraded from the light colour to the dark and a feather of a very pure white that easily takes a third of the poster. Then by looking more in details we

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  • Analysis of "Dissapearance of Poverty" by Rodrigo

    Analysis of "Dissapearance of Poverty" by Rodrigo

    First of all I will analyse the document, in this cartoon made by Rodrigo named Disappearance of poverty we can see how apart from each other are the population of one same place because of inequality, in this case the inequality corresponds to income or money inequality. There are men

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  • Anatomie du cloporte

    Anatomie du cloporte

    Dialogue anglais A : Gladys B : Uriell A: Hello! Sorry I’m late B: No problem I’m used to it! You’re always late! A: Let’s sit so we can talk B: OK. I’m so hungry. I want to eat some pizza. A: Let’s go to Pizza Hut. We can eat

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  • Ang 3001-Tn1

    Ang 3001-Tn1

    The internet was developed in an academic environment, the idea came from m. Vince Cerf, who is recognized as one of the fathers of the internet He decided to work on a projet to make the internet available for all the people since 1988, after that he assisted to an

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  • Ang3001


    My first visit as a tourist to New York City During the holidays of my first year at the university, my friends and I took a trip to a completely new world. Being from a small town, I had never really been faced by the aspects of a large city

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  • Anglais


    ourrier en Langue Vivante Étrangère Écrivez une lettre commerciale en anglais selon les indications ci-dessous. Expéditeur : Sarah Bloch (vous), directrice des ventes, Produits du Terroir Bordelais 1 bis, quai des Chartrons, 33000 Bordeaux Date : 1er décembre Objet : proposition de collaboration professionnelle Destinataire : Brad McNab, directeur

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  • Anglais


    My favourite TV program is called The Vampire Diaries, it’s a TV program that started in 2009 and it has 6 seasons. The story is about two brothers, Damon and Stefan Salvatore, who have been leading normal lives for centuries hiding their origins. Their desire for blood is very well

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  • Anglais


    Dogan Sarah 2130815 How the Britain colonization of Austalian took place and, with which consequences for what we shall call later the stolen generation? Written documents 1. 2. 3. Extracts of the book «My Place» written by Sally Morgan 4. 5. Audio/Video documents 1. The first

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  • Anglais


    1 b. Americans can be proud that, in spite of their shameful past linked to the cruel, unequal, unjust treatment of their citizens, they have gradually managed to overcome their divisions and show enough tolerance to elect a person of African-American origin as their president 2. Obama’s election symbolizes the

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  • Anglais


    Foissotte Coralie TCO CAPTAIN OLIVER Meuble Import ZAC du Perget 5 rue des Abbès Avenue André-Marie Ampère 77150 Bellot 31770 Colomiers Tel : 01 77 40 10 12 Tél :05 34 36 01 91 Fax : 01 77 40 10 12 Fax : 05 34 36 01 91 E-mail :

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  • Anglais (page 37 : manuel Let's meet up)

    Anglais (page 37 : manuel Let's meet up)

    1°Compréhension de l’écrit: 1. Indicated the nature and the main topic of the document. The document is an article from the news paper called “The Guardian” written on the April 8 of 2018. The main topic is British jazz explosion, the emergence of the jazz music in Britain, it’s a

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  • Anglais : handball

    Anglais : handball

    Béringer Areo Good afternoon everyone My name is Thomas and its is esteban Our objective today is to present handball We take this because we both play handball Firstly i will present to you this sport Secondly esteban are going to talk about the rules to this sport And finaly,

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