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  • Alice in wonderland

    Alice in wonderland

    Alice in wonderland Hello, So, today, I'm going to talk about the book alice in wonderland, written by Lewis Carroll. Born in Lancashire, in a presbytery of the Anglican Church where his father was a pastor, in a family of 11 children, all left-handed and stuttering. This particularity and isolation

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  • Allégorie de la justice

    Allégorie de la justice

    Séance 1 La première image montre une allégorie de la justice. On observe une personne qui tient une balance devant-elle ; elle incline une épée vers le sol ; elle porte un bandeau sur ses yeux ; sa jambe droite est dénudée ; elle semble avancée d'un air assuré. La

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  • Alphabétisation des femmes dans le monde

    Alphabétisation des femmes dans le monde

    L’alphabétisation des femmes dans le monde Mathis BEAUMAN Esteban DEDE Dans une société ou la course a l’égalité des sexes est un des enjeux primordiaux, il y a un domaine en particulier ou ces inégalités persistent : l’éducation. D’après de récentes estimations, sur 775 millions d’analphabètes dans le monde, le

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  • Amelia Robert, Hercule Poirot

    Amelia Robert, Hercule Poirot

    Tâche finale Amelia Robert, rich single women, wrote to Hercule Poirot. She was a victim of attempted murder after a fall in her stairs. All the people from the village of St Martin expected it was a fall because of the dog toy. When Hercule Poirot finished reading the letter,

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  • American Dad

    American Dad

    Good afternoon, my name is .... and I’m going to talk about the animated series American Dad! First im going to tell about the origins of American Dad! It was in 2000 that the idea of this series came to Seth MacFarlane, the creator and Matt Weitzman, the co-creator of

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  • American dream

    American dream

    Margoulet Louis Anglais-disseration 1ES3 Today, the United States is the perfect illustration of the melting pot where all the different cultures are mixed. This multicultural society is a consequence of the American Dream. The American Dream is for me a dream of a new life, better life, a lot of

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  • American dream

    American dream

    The American Dream is a myth where people can start from nothing and find a work, build a home and a family foreigners come to America to begin a new and better life. The American dream creates a postive image of the United States. In class we talked a political

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  • Amish


    Amish • First of all, the Amish are an Anabaptist religious community, founded in 1693 in Switzerland by Jakob AMNAN. Everything about them highlights a way and culture of life very different from ours. Especially when you know that they live in a western country with a way of doing

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  • Amish being

    Amish being

    BEING AMISH Each Amish community is independent and has its owntradition, there is no regional or national organization. Communities are led by a bishop, a preacher,and two levels of deacons. Women, who remain silent during worship, participate like men in the election of communityleaders. The life of the Amish is

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  • An overview of Apprenticeships programmes in the UK

    An overview of Apprenticeships programmes in the UK

    An overview of Apprenticeships programmes in the United Kingdom In December, the government voted a £1.4bn skills training scheme in order to lower the rate of youth unemployment. Apprenticeships are work-based training programmes which lead to nationally-recognised qualifications. Most of the training is ‘on the job’. The rest can be

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  • Analogie de la publicité et du marketing

    Analogie de la publicité et du marketing

    BELMOUSS Abderrahmane Section A Analogy between publicity and marketing Publicities are a glamorous profession that requires the practitioners to meet up with media and the public. Public relations are usually associated with glamorous people such as politicians, musicians, actors and actress. This is because they utilized and need public relations

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  • Analyse de document anglais

    Analyse de document anglais

    The battle over the gender price gap This press cutting entitled “The battle over the gender price gap” extracted from the British Broadcasting Corporation news magazine of February the fifth, 2016, deals with justly the battle over the gender price gap. So the main issue of this article is how

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    INTRODUCTION: Nowadays we are more and more raise awareness among the sustainable development. Thus, some text tries to raise awareness of environmental issues especially pollution, over consumption and food waste. This text is part of it. We try to give a better world to future generations. This text is an

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  • Analyse de Gandhi

    Analyse de Gandhi

    Gandhi portrait Short présentation: ↘ Birth 1869, on the west coast of India. ↘ Death in 1948, in Dehli. ↘ He was called the Bapu in India (« father »). ↘ Her wife: Kasturbai, who remained until 1942 ↘ Gandhi is recognized as the Father of the Nation in India,

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  • Analyse de poème Those Winter Sundays

    Analyse de poème Those Winter Sundays

    Those Winter Summer Background information This poem was written by Robert Hayden in 1962. He was born in 1913 and passed away in 1980. He was reased by a foster family, because his parents separated soon before he was born. Structure We can see that the poem is compose of

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