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  • Anglais super hero

    Anglais super hero

    to her babies who were endowed with uncommon capacities. The parents were not as sensitive as the babies so the different characteristics of the new planet did not have any consequences on their body at the opposite of the tiny twins. The atypical climate generated transformations on Mason and

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  • Anglais type bac

    Anglais type bac

    J'espère que nous somme bientôt arrivé ! Moi, ma femme et mes deux enfants, nous avons tous nos sacs et nos bouteilles sur nous, nous regardons le vaste paysage desséché qui nous a déjà fatigués pendant cette longue journée, nous devons traverser tout le désert de l'Arizona afin d'arriver aux

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  • ANGLAIS, dialogue

    ANGLAIS, dialogue

    (Cri dans le couloir) Andoni : Come on boys ! … Are you ready for the trip? Matt : Yes completely. Ando : You too Jackson, not too stressed? Hugo : No it’s fine Ando : Good. Put yours seatbelts on. Let’s go to the boat. (Moteur qui s’allume) Matt

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  • Anglais, Donoghue vs Stevenson Video

    Anglais, Donoghue vs Stevenson Video

    Donoghue vs Stevenson Video In August of nineteen twenty eight (1928), Mae Donahue and a friend decided to visit the well meadow cafe in Paisley for apparent ice and in the case of Mae Donahue an ice dream and bottle of ginger beer, but when her friend bought Mae Donahue

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  • Anglais, E.E, the strange village

    Anglais, E.E, the strange village

    The strange village... After a long days where the road was long and tiring, I finally arrived at my destination. The carriage had left me at the entrance of the village, with my suitcases in my hands, and I was prepared to discover this village. A strange atmosphere was present

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  • Anglais, Jumping monkey hill

    Anglais, Jumping monkey hill

    A. What is the story about? Jumping monkey hill is a short story about Ujunwa, which is a Nigerian middle classed young woman. We’ll see the development of Ujunwa through a writer’s conference organized by a Western man. This conference is held in a lodge named Jumping monkey hill. During

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  • Anglais, notion of creation

    Anglais, notion of creation

    The discussed notion is a vision for the future from creation to adaptation. In order to preserve the world, with all its myriad communities, the notions of creation and adaptation play an important role for a better future through the adopting existing models of societies or the creation of new

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  • Anglais, space and exchanges.

    Anglais, space and exchanges.

    Space and Exchanges: Now, I present you the notion “Space and exchanges”, I’m going to give definition of this notion: “space and exchange” is about to discover new space and new territories, and to discover new citizenship and immigration. The population of Canada and Inuit’s problem whith gouvernment. Firstly, we

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  • Anglais, the idea of progress

    Anglais, the idea of progress

    I will introduce you, the notion of the idea of progress. Firstly, the progress, is a change an evolution in different domains like science, technic or social. We used to believed that an improvement is important.but it's not always something positive. What are aspects which can lead to believed that

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  • Anglais, the roaring twenties

    Anglais, the roaring twenties

    During the 1920‘s, coloured people have been mistreated in almost every way possible. They were considered people of lower class, they faced many disadvantages, and obstacles, but they persevered. Coloured people fought for their freedom through many years of hard work and abuse. F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel, The Great

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  • Anglais, what can you say about the references to the Constitution?

    Anglais, what can you say about the references to the Constitution?

    Anglais I. Complete the following sentences, adding between 10 and 25 words. You may only write one sentence. (20 points) 1. Pursuant to the three-fifths compromise wanted to limit the demographic weight provided by numerous slaves in some States, which tried to get more influence at Congress 2. Article I,

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  • Anglais: la peine de mort

    Anglais: la peine de mort

    The crucifixion : Introduced by the church, nail the convict on a Christian cross. He doesn't die of thirst, exhaustion or bleeding but by asphyxiation. Indeed, He uses the muscles of shoulders, pectoral and intercostal to raise is body and help to breathe. This alternation between blocking and respiratory relaxation

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  • Anglais: mobile phones

    Anglais: mobile phones

    Intro : We will talk about mobile phones, it was created in 1973 and commercialized in 1983. It purpose is to help people in their daily lives, it makes their lives easier because they have access to a lot of things. They are constantly in evolution due to the actual

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  • Anglais: myths and heroes

    Anglais: myths and heroes

    Anglais I am going to talk about the notion « Myths And Heroes ». Firt of all, I would like to give a definition of : - A myths : a myths is an imaginary construction which aims to be explanatory of social phenomena and expecially founder of a social

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  • Another girl

    Another girl

    Another girl Kavita was feeling guilty, and thought she was cursed. She felt as if she was failing her mission to Jasu, but the smile her baby gave her warmed her heart up. Kavita and Jasu went to bed in a very silent night. Darkness had wrapped itself around the

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