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American dream

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The American Dream is a myth where people can start from nothing and find a work, build a home and a family foreigners come to America to begin a new and better life. The American dream creates a postive image of the United States.

In class we talked a political cartoon that shows the U.S. border which is represented by a barbed wired fence surrounded by many signs such as jobs, Free Health Care, Education, and lemonade. The cartoon shows people coming to the U.S. although clearly warned not to immigrate by the “USA KEEP OUT” sign directly next to the U.S border. This explains that America is seen as the land of opportunity, a land where everything is possible and where you can live your life. The reality is that you have to work your fingers to the bone and that you are working towards making America great. It’s another version of the American Dream. Indeed, in reality the American dream is not a success for everybody and all American citizens are not equal. Racism and poverty exist in a rich society with a high standard of living like the United States. We can say that from year to year American Dream loses his image of a better life.


Australia was a country openly sought migrant workers because there weren’t enought people for all the jobs but the Australians are scared of migrants coming ans taking their jobs.

The migrants are people coming from war-torn countries. Lots of these people who are fleeing their own countries and who are desperate to come to Australia come by boat. So we can say that it was dangerous for them.

Now I’d like to mention the main reasons of immigration. The people emigrate to find work, to do better studies, but people also migrate to feel themselves safe, to run -away the war-torn.


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