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American dream

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Margoulet Louis                Anglais-disseration                                  1ES3

Today, the United States is the perfect illustration of the melting pot where all the different cultures are mixed. This multicultural society is a consequence of the American Dream. The American Dream is for me a dream of a new life, better life, a lot of money, a life where it’s easy to become rich. A life of Hapiness, the paradise. People who decide to emigrate to realize the American dream are usually the ones who know poverty, hunger, lack of water or even dictatorships. For me American dream can work for a little part of the population but for the majority, in United States of America only poverty waiting them because the capitalist world of the United States of America allows to some people to become rich but this system ceate a lot of poverty too. For me it’s very difficult to realize the American Dream and for the majority this dream will stay a dream forever.

For my part, i don’t think that i can leave all my friends, my family to go to the United states, start another life, alone. My family for example is so important for me and it’s so difficult for me to consider a life without family in my country. And money do not make happy but friends and my family can make it so i choose without hesitation to stay next to my family with not a lot of money but with joy of living.


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