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Do you agree that for employees the paycheck is the most powerful incentive?

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Do you agree that for employees the paycheck is the most powerful incentive, or do you believe that there are other incentives that can motivate them?

There is a well-known quote that says, "All work deserves a wage". However, pay is far from being our only source of motivation at work.

Contrary to popular belief, I believe that there is no correlation between high pay and high motivation/performance at work, or at least that pay is not the only motivating factor. A good salary may "justify" the choice of a job, but it does not guarantee well-being in everyday life.
Man is a social being who needs to feel good within the group.  Relationships with others allow us to evolve in a pleasant environment. Conviviality is even at the heart of the quality of life at work. But beyond a good atmosphere, the "need for connection" also implies the need for recognition. Even if remuneration fulfils several needs, it is not enough on its own.
Development opportunities are also a major motivating factor in working life. An individual with prospects for the future and for development within the company, coupled with constant challenge and responsibility, will perform even better than if he or she only had a good salary.

The better an employee feels at work, the better he or she will perform. If we want to move towards a better conception of work, we must put an end to the idea that the only purpose of work is money. By focusing on the need for connection, empathy and collaboration, employees will be more motivated and therefore more successful.


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