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Al Capone

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Al Capone or the 20th Century living legend

Al Capone is being shaved and manicured when J. Harrison and I entered the room. The name of the place will be keep secret for the security of Capone. This is part of the deal: we ask him our questions but we don’t reveal the place of the meeting. Anyway, it’s a very luxurious hotel room with huge doors and mosaics on the floor. Al Capone is protected by four bodyguards. We begin our interview asking him why, since it would seem that he is, in effect, the mayor of Chicago, he’s not simply been appointed to that position. But, surprisingly he ducks the question boasting about his merits. According to the godfather of the alcohol smuggling, he his responding to the will of the people. He is only riding the wave of the consummation of alcohol despite of its prohibition: he’s “a business man”. Then when we ask him what does he think about his reputation that he controls his business through violence. To this question, Capone answer with a joke: “you can get further with a kind word and a gun than you can with just a kind word” and denies that the “violence in Chicago” comes from him “and anybody he employs”, because, according to him, “it’s not good business”.

Even if Capone is a mobster, he’s still very sympathetic with his guests and even with his barber who cut him during this interview. Finally, he’s maybe not the bad guy we believed he is and the criminal the medias describe.


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