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Enemies is a story that describes how pressures of war disturb social codes, causing two

men on the same side to act violently toward one another for no real reason.

In fact, it tells the story of two US soldiers, called Dave Jensen and Lee Strunk, who are

fighting for their country in the Vietnam War.

A morning, they get into a fistfight over a missing jackknife that Jensen thinks Strunk has

stolen. Jensen breaks Strunk’s nose, hitting him repeatedly and without mercy. Because of

this, Jensen starts to worry, growing anxious of what revenge Strunk might take on him.

Crazed by apprehension, he fires his gun into the air calling out Strunk’s name and borrows

a pistol and uses it to break his own nose in order to match the score. The next morning,

Strunk is amused by these news, admitting that he did steal Jensen’s jackknife.

As a matter of fact, it’s not the only thing in common between this two documents, both tell a

story where an ordinary person, who can do bad or good things, is considered as a hero for

giving their life to their country. That is the reason why I have chosen these documents to

represent the notion of myths and heroes because they show how an individual suffers war

in different ways.

In my point of view, wars would never have to happen and the conflicts between two forms

of power have to be fixed by arguing and not by killing. Many soldiers had not chosen to

participate in war but were obligated to fight because they came from miserable

backgrounds and were the unwanted of society. That is because I think every soldier should

be commemorated as a war hero because they put their lives in the worst situations and

almost everyone die.


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