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A Parisian in England

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A Parisian in England[pic 1]

A blog of my year in Cambridge, England

The news!

Saturday, August 04,2016

Hi everyone! After my year in France I decided with the agreement of my parents to continue my studies in Cambridge, the best university in the world, so I decided to spend a month in London to try to fit in and get used to be British. [pic 2]

First month in England

Wednesday, September 02, 2016

Hello guys! You’re probably wondering what did I do in London. Don’t worry I will explain you everything on this article ☺:

So, I’ve spent a month of discovering how Britishness is and I have to say England is so much more different than all the countries on the world, let me explain you that:

-People in England are very welcoming and they are from all the countries of the world and what is surprising is that everyone is considered as British like if they accept everyone from all around the world.

-Secondly; Have you ever heard about British eccentricity?  To explain you that let me tell you a funny story that happened to me: my whole month in London was filled of surprise because I saw a lot of people wearing strange thing like strange clothes or strange haircut so I took the first person I met and I said: Excuse me miss  is there a celebration, a party or something like this ? and the person I asked was very upset because it was a men dressed like a woman. After some moments, I knew that it is always like that in England

-After some discussion with the British I have to confirm the stereotype which says that they have a stiff upper lip like whatever you says to them it doesn’t affect them, they are also the most polite people I’ve ever met and they have the sense of humor.

- Oh, I almost forgot I’m sorry to disappoint you guys but they are to stereotypes which are not true:

-It doesn’t rain every day in Great Britain in fact at the time I’m writing this it’s sunny out there.

-The second stereotypes which is not true is about food: Not all The British drink tea and not all of them eat fish and chips. Like in all the countries there are people how eat junk food and others who eat good food.

But I have to admit that this country is the best where I ever lived and you should at least visit it or live here for a year. Now I have to prepare myself to my entry in college.

7 months later

Sunday, March 15,2017

Hello guys!! I finally released myself to write on my blog because time has passed quickly so let me explain what happened to me since I entered on college. You won’t believe me but once I opened the door of my assigned room in campus, I got new friend, like I said before the British are very welcoming and it’s just a pleasure to share room with nice guy.

As to my lessons I find them very interesting and I like the way we learn in Cambridge.

[pic 3]

Bye Bye England ☹

Monday, August 06, 2017

Hey guys. Bad news; I’m back in France ☹ before I start my new year, I wanted to give you some advice if you’re going to Great Britain:

First of all, if you’re going to stay long time there, I advise you to buy the oyster card to save some money because trust me you will use a lot of public transport

[pic 4]

Secondly, I suggest you to not make judgments about someone’s clothes and someone’s haircut because he will probably take it wrong.


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