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The idea of progress : to what extent technology is improving sport ?

Fiche : The idea of progress : to what extent technology is improving sport ?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Idea of progress

The idea of progress can be defined as an improvement a development or a change (a technical, scientific or social advance wich contributes to making the world a better place).  In the notion of idea of progress we will talk about Positive and negative aspects of the evolution of technology in sport. We will ask the following question: To what extent is technology improving sport? First of all, we will see positive aspects, follow by negative aspects.

We saw document which an article deals with about an amputee athlete. New technologies can give motivation to people who are disabled as on the photo one can see that Aimee is wearing a carbon-fiber prosthetic. In another photo, one can see 3 sprinters who are escaping the man who has a suitcase they were taking drugs so they do not want to take the test.

We studied a picture, one can see a podium, 3 syringes on the podium wich represents the end of a race, a gold medal too: there is also a stadium. One can say it deals with doping in sports ; especially running. To conclude, it can lay emphasis on the scientific progress and its drawbacks. We saw another document under scruting is a drawing/a cartoon. This drawing shows/one can see athletes who are failing in a hole, wich looks like a syringes. It means that doping is punished by the laws.

To conclude, technological change in sport can allow certain people with disabilities to realize their dreams of sports, for example, but there is also a presence of drugs in this environment which is cheating and which gives a poor image of Sportsmen and some sportsmen risk their lives to take certain drugs just to win.


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