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Spaces and exchanges : the idea of the sport

Fiche : Spaces and exchanges : the idea of the sport. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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  1. Second English notion – bac 2017

First document

Second document

Third document

A story of boycotts of the Olympic Games

Spirit in motion

Queen’s Elisabeth speech on the positive values of sport

  1. Introduction

  • I’m going to deal this the notion of spaces and exchanges who’s a hard notion. We could definite the notion with the idea of changes in a lot of country or area in movement. There are different sorts of exchanges like politic, commercial, economic o exchanges of information’s of migratory flux. Today, the spaces are becoming connected thanks at internet and the different world connexions with the mundialisation.  
  • In class, we have talk about this notion thought the idea of the sport. The thematic of sport answer to this notion because sport is in deferent spaces. For example, the Olympics games in Germany, Australia, Japan, Mexico, Quebec, Russia, USA, Korea or still Russia in 2014. The meeting in these places allow the exchanges.
  • So, now, I propose you to answered to the question “can sport bring tolerance and peace in the world?”
  • In order to answered to the question, in first time we will see the negatives point of the exchanges of sport and in second time the positive aspect of sport in the world.
  1. Development
  1. Negatives points of sport
  1. Positives aspects of sport
  • But sport could be used for tyranny or bad way. Boycott of Jewish athletes by racist policies. The sport has a big power moreover, the Olympic Game in the world are a centre of influenced for many peoples. In 1936, in Berlin, the Olympic Games has allowed to the Nazi to pronounced their idea. So, it’s also a negative power. (doc 2) Nazi makes pression and take the opportunity to expand their proper ideas, created the division.
  • Differences between normal athletes and disabled athletes. = sport accented the differences and gap who can ranforced the negative team spirit and the angrier.  
    - The document A “spirit in motion” show this sentiment of division between athletes and society.
    Ali Jawad talk about the fact The Olympics games who’s have more investment’s and the majority of media scrutiny than the Paralympic games who’s no training.
    - The document B show sport can be stop the good rapport between two society with the boycott of Jewish who’s victims.
  • Build communities and create harmony, bringing people together positive team enjoyment and comradeship -> development of team, spirit – friendly rivalry -> the development of the peace in the world or just in the country. Sport had the power to reconciled the society.
    More of all sport create interconnexion between countries in the world, with alliances.
  • Olympics Games and Paralympics Games is the possibility to accented/strengthen the like and so the accords between people in a society.

Sport is the same everywhere so it’s universal. It’s like the language so it’s corporal language where the rules are the same.  So sport favourite the exchanges.  

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  1. Conclusion

In order to conclude this notion, we were asked yourself on the negative and then on the positive aspect of sport in the exchanges. We have seen sport could give negative aspect like division but also, he could too bringing tolerance and peacefully in the world?


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