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The concept of space and exchange

Fiche : The concept of space and exchange. Recherche parmi 296 000+ dissertations

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For the Inuit of the Arctic regions of Canada, contact with the "outside" world has been characterized by great changes both within their culture and in the ways their cultural values have been altered to incorporate perceptions of the rapidly changing world around them. In many ways, traditional conceptions of time and space have been readjusted to meet the demands of externally imposed industrial time and space. This article examines the nature of these changes and their impact on Inuit society. The implications of the experiencing of dramatic time-space compression, combined with rapid technological change are explored from a behavioral perspective. A reformulation of the culturally acceptable perceptions of the changing time and space parameters of imposed modernity characterizes Inuit society today, as individuals struggle to come to terms with the challenges of moving from preindustrial to postmodernist societies within the span of a single lifetime

The concept of space and exchange it's for me a broad topic we can talk about the geography , territory , but also the discovery and conquest of new lands.

Exchanges of all kinds, "borrowing" from language, culture , literature more generally in everyday use , took a new dimension in the unification of spaces and peoples, languages ​​and worldviews.

In classe we studied an video «Mexican immigration bust» , extracted from a CNN report and speaks about the arrestation of more than 500 migrants inside trucks bound United State.

This document illustrious different aspect of the notion because this is the space of Mexico and the United States and the border between Mexico.

For the concept of the exchange is the immigration .It is also a question here of the American Dream, conveyed especially by the cinema Hollywood, which broadcasts a positive image of its social model.

The document is interesting because we learn that immigrants come of different country south america like Guatemala ,Central american even asia.

The crossing is very dangerous the sanitary condition was deplorable and had little food and water.

This is the document that i preferred because in spite of it is short we learn a lot about the reality of crossing of undocumented and this is a subject that concerns us again today

The document the last chance it's a text deals with the time just before the Berlin Wall was built. it tells the story of an East German woman and her lover who planned to leave East Germany just in time before the authorities closed all border

The text is related to the notion of space for germany and exchange for crossing of west berlin échaper for communism.

The document is a movie «vas vis et devient » the scene take place in 1984. At the initiative of Israel and the United States, a vast action is taken to bring thousands of Ethiopian Jews to Israel. A Christian mother pushes her nine year old son to declare the Jewish saved from famine and death. he was adopted by a French family. He grew up with the fear that one discovers his secret double lie: neither Jew nor an orphan, just black.

The text and the video speak about beta israel also he speak about the operation moses in 1984 who 7000 jew were rescued and brought


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