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Spaces and exchanges: What influence does the web have on today's society ?

Fiche : Spaces and exchanges: What influence does the web have on today's society ?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Spaces and exchanges

Introduction :

- Définitions :

Today, different spaces are connected by a lot of ways especially thanks to Internet, and these spaces are dependant between them (international institutions, agreements between states...). This independence is due to the exchanges between these spaces. It contains the trading, information, people...

- Problématique :

What influence does the web have on today's society ?

-Annonce du plan.

Plan détaillé :

I- What are the different forms of the Internet ?

  • Social networks : Exchange Information in a very few time around the world, (without constraint of distance).
  • E-commerce sites : Buy articles online.
  • Blogs : Follow a project, a topic continually.

II- Is the web beneficial or harmful ?

a) Advantages :

  • To share and to receive information around the world without constraint of distance (Social networks, blogs...).
  • To buy articles with e-commerce sites at home paying onlie.
  • Valorize a corporate with advertisement and conversly find a job.

b) Disadvantages :

  • Information may be false or may have been spread to create a « buzz ». have to be careful with what we learn on the Internet.
  • Indoctrination in a group with bad intentions (terrorism).
  • To become addict to something and paye online without restraint.

Conclusion :

            To conclude, the web presents a lot of utilities and advantages but a few negative points may arise in some cases. The use of the Internet have to be very controled by a policy of the net to avoid conflicts not to injure them, but also by the persons who uses the web, by controlling their activities.


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