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Place and forms of power : how can we criticize and oppose the political power?

Dissertation : Place and forms of power : how can we criticize and oppose the political power?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Hello, I'm going to talk about the notion of place and form of power. first of all, I'll explain what power is: In politics and social science, power is the ability to influence people's behavior

To study this notion, I decided to concern myself with political power. I decided to ask myself the following quisetin: how can we criticize and oppose the political power? we will answer this question in two stages: in the first part, we will see the critique of power by the media. in a second part, we will see the fight of certain characters against the political power.

During this oral, I will rely on documents in class: firstly a cartoon entitled miderm storm center, a second cartoon called Desperate White House, an audio document on the movement of sufragettes.

The first document we saw in class is the cartoon called desperate white house. We can see on the background can the white house in Washington. The title is a refence to the famous American series « desperate housewives ». The right balloon says that the American president made reality show. In his ironic cartoon, the author criticizes the state of mind of the current president. It’s a caricature.

The author refers to the fact that Donald Trump behaves has a certain extent, as if he was in a tv show. The balloon suggest that they are people inside the white house who make fun of Donald Trump, and can also be considered as the « real » leader.

The second document is also a cartoon, entitled midterm storm center.

On the background of the cartoon, we can see the East Coast map. A weather man is holding a stick pointing to a strange area highlighted. He looks very anxious. He explains that in the next four years, there will be an unpredictable storm. The author use a metaphor to explains the future result of the trump election. This is also an ironic cartoon because he can he associate associate a natural disaster to the Trump Government.

We have seen the media use irony to spread messages and criticize political power.

But we will see in this second part that the people can also express their opinion and revolt against political power.

In class we saw an audio documentary about suffragettes. this document seeks to glorify Emeline Pankhurst. She was the leader of the suffragette movement, she made the universal vote. the historian explains that in her speeches she had the talent to touch her audience by using the lexical field of war. she was a heroine. alone she was able to counter political power by being convincing to other people.

to conclude, I would say that it is by using irony and freedom of expression that the media can criticize political power, and it is also thanks to a brave character that we can impose our ideas. Personally I think the society requires people such people in order to go ahead, and Progress.


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