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Places and form of power: how can we depict the differents forms of power, in various places?

Dissertation : Places and form of power: how can we depict the differents forms of power, in various places?. Recherche parmi 296 000+ dissertations

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I’m going to talk about places and forms of power. First, What is the power? It’s the ability or official capacity to exercise control or authority over others. It can be a person, a group, or a nation having great influence over people. Power is exercised through a variety of relationships sustained or accepted, often internalized. The concept « location and forms of power » is very large, so we can we ask : How can we depict the differents forms of power, in various places ? (40 sec)

The first document is an article written by Mark Mooney, for the website « » in 2011. This document show that a president in not the only person who has a lot of power but also his landlady like Jacqueline Kennedy, the wife of the 35th President of the United States. Even if she simply wanted to support and help her husband, she played an active role in the life of her country. This wonderful women went from being submissive to taking more control of her own life and actions. (40 sec)

The second document is a poster called « we can do it » and realized by Howard Miller in 1943 in order to encouraging women to work in factories during the second world war. The woman in the poster is really beautiful, feminine and glamorous. She doesn’t really correspond to the image of a factory worker. She has make up on her face, a headscarf to protect her hair and she has got gloves to protect her hands. She looks like a typical pin up girl but she is doing what we call a « man jobs ». The poster shows that she can perfectly do his job just like a man would do it. This idea reenforced by the catch phrase that we can see in the top right. I think this poster can change mentalities and shows to the society that women can do the same things that men. It’s a kind of equality and this is why I think this document can illustrates the notion. (1min10s)

The television is also a form of power. In fact a lot of television series can change our opinion. For exemple, the television series « Narcos », change the picture of Pablo Escobar who was seen like a big dealer and murderer. Moreover, the television series « The crown » is in praise of the queen of the united kingdom, Elisabeth II, and allow her to have more than more people who appreciate her. The way that a movie, a television series, an article or also a tweet is turn can make the difference. The media have power over us, they play an important role in our society.

Finally, my last document is a pic of the manifestation against donald trump, in « Le Monde », after his election . In this picture, we can seen a lot of people screaming and brandishing big placard for make themselves heard and seen.This picture show that the road is a place of power, a place when every body can express oneself and try to make oneself heard.

To conclude we can say that, even if it’s not the same, everybody has power and can more or less use it.

We can also say that, according to the way that a person is seen, he or she can be associate to a hero.


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