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Oral de Bac Anglais: How can we say that the money is a form of power?

Fiche : Oral de Bac Anglais: How can we say that the money is a form of power?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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I am going to speak about the notion places and forms of powers.Power is the ability to control others, events, or resources. During this sequence we spoke about the power of the money. That is why he adorned me justifiable to ask me the question: How can we say that the money is a form of power? To answer has this question at first we go to see that money control people then that the money influences people.

Money control people, Bansky denounces that in his drawing Feed the world Where he denounces the exploitation of the poor people. In these drawing we can see a obese man and a obese woman who are dragged by a skinny black child. These 2 persons are representated in color and the child with the environement are in black and white. This opposition show the difference between the child and the couple, the couple aren't in the good environement for they. The couple have a phone and that show their wealth and status. This tourism is unhealthy because he takes advantages has the economy of the country but by exploiting children. The couple looks at the mobile what show that they are not probably conscious of what they are doing, that generaly we exploit people in a indirect way without knowing it and without trying to know it.

In the photo montage of Peter Kennard we can see hands of rich men who playing with a little black child who looks like in malnitrution. We suppose that these men are rich bosses of big firm of compagny which plunder resources of african countries to gain always more money. This is why one of these men took the black child like a pokership, for him the child it's likke money and not human. Likes Bansky the table and the child are in colour and the hands of mens are in black and white. This oposition show that child is like a object.

The third document is a publicity for the association People in need, we can see in this picture a poor african woman who ave a purse in her hand. In the poster the price of the purse is posted with down the price for food for a week. We can see the difference of price, for one bought purse we can buy for eight week of food. These publicity show the consomation for insignificances while in the poor countries they need money for vitals things.

The money influences people too like Benjamin Zephaniah explains it in the rap Money. He explains that money give a feeling of power to people in the sentence “Money make a rich man feel like a big man”, and on the contrary a person who don't have money have a feelings of inferiority. He explains too that rich people don't give for helping poor people. He says that the money changes people to the point that a friend can become enemy, that when we have it we hate people who live in the poverty, and affect our ego and money created of problem everywhere. He also says that the money corrupts the politicians and they are responsible for the situation of the poor people and created differences between people as if the poor people were not human. He say too rich people become vain, superficial, selfish, and greedy and poor people are rejected, put asideand feel inferior, depressed.

The image of Barbara Kruger Untitled Money can buy love denonce the children of rich people, who are capricious because their parents their give some money but no love, certainly has cause of their work that is why it is roughly marked on the image “Money can buy love” a ironic sentence. In the image the little girl looks like pretentious girl whose parents entitled. She shows that in spite of the fact that the money can buy many thing that does not buy everything.


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