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Places and forms of power: how can express different forms of power in various place?

Discours : Places and forms of power: how can express different forms of power in various place?. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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Places and forms of power

Places and forms of power refer to different social sciences like politics, economics, justice, culture or education.

First, the term “places” reminds me of buildings, like the “Trump Building”, or the Pentagon where they control the American army.

Next, the term “forms” refers to the capacity to control something or someone, using force, like the power of men over women during the 19th century.

To be more precise, to me, all these sciences are related from different manners. With education, we teach generations about culture, history, arts. We teach them to be good citizens, in order to respect the laws, and justice, but also to think for themselves.

How can express different forms of power in various places?

To me, the documents that illustrate the concept are, a video entitled “The Good Consumer”, a song by Shania Twain entitled “Ka-Ching!” and a poster by J. Howard Miller.

The first document deals with the consumer society. It’s a video taken from the internet entitled “the good consumer”.

The atmosphere is odd because of different elements. First, we can hear a slow and without any tone man’s voice and a buzzing sound. Next, we can see a young man and a young woman with a bright white background. They look like hypnotized.

In the beginning, the idea is that people must consume because they are in the consumer society. Man’s voice says that if they stopped consuming, the system would collapse; the stock exchange would crash and people would be on the dole. In fact, if they stopped consuming, it would be the end of the world.

In the same way, in the consumer society, good consumers work hard to earn money. They follow fashion reading magazines. In fact, fashion is an example of the consumer society. If they don’t follow it, they would be rejected, so they would feel depressed.

In short, this video is ironical and shows the power of manipulation of the consumer society. Brands, banks, politicians and economists urge us to consume. But in fact we don’t really need to consume so much.

This video makes us aware of our superficiality and how materialistic we are.

(I chose this video because, to me, it’s the most representative document we studied about the consumer society and this video makes us aware of our superficiality and how materialistic we are.)

The second document is a song by Shania Twain entitled “Ka-Ching!”, the topic is also consumerism.

We are directly in the topic of the consumer society with the title because it imitates the sound of an old cash-register.

Shania Twain talks about the misdeeds of this modern society. This influences innocents like children and young people who are not aware of the manipulation.

The singer compares consuming to a religion; Today, instead of church, people used to go to shopping center on Sundays, they spend their time spending money stupidly.

As a matter of fact, people are obsessed with consuming, because they


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