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Location et forms of power : How can you reach and keep power and what can be the consequencies of the quest of power ?

Dissertation : Location et forms of power : How can you reach and keep power and what can be the consequencies of the quest of power ?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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I’ am going to talk about the notion locations and forms of power so let me give a definition  of power. Power is the ability or official capacity to exercise control, authority like the state, the government or political organization. Its also a person , a group or a nation who have a lot of influence or control over others. To illustrate the notion i have chosen to deal with  tv series and a play whose theme is the various acces to the power and the i have choosen the key questions How can you reach and keep power and what can be the consequencies of the quest of power ? To answer  these  questions in a first part i will explain how to reach power in a second part i will focus on how to keep power and finally the consequencies of power.

To begin with there are differents means to come to power , first there is the power of the blood when you have the chance to born in a wealthy family or a powerfull family then there is the knowledge who can permit to come power thanks to the treaths when you know something  incriminating about someone like the videos of game of thrones where we have petyr belish who blackmail cersei because he knows that her child joffrey is not the ligitimate king.   there is to the perseverance you must sacrifice a lot of thing like friends or family  and  you must be ready for all if you want upgrade your power even kill or lie. Frank underwwod the main caraters of house of cards is the perfect exemple of thats sacrifice

Secondly once you are powerfull you must keep the power and for that you must be careful to all, your entourage your family and your friends. You musnt reveal your secret as we can see in a picture of frank underwood you say friends make the wort ennemies because they can betray you. You musn’t show yours fears and yours weaknesses endeed yours ennemises Will take advantage of it if you dont hide it.

However all of this can have a lot of consequencies like with lady mcbeth in the play of wiiliam sahkespear mcbeth who after commit a murder she had a strang bihaviour because she sleepwalks and she is odeseded by a spot of blood beacause she feeled guilty . the quest of power can make you crazy and make you do something  that you will powerful has also risks like receive treaths some people may want to kill you and so you can be scared by that.

To conclude if want becom powerful you must do sacrifice if you are not a priviliged but after you must becarful because you can be betray by your entourage and you should be thinking about the consequencies and the riske to be power. In my opinion for reach powerful you should do a lot of thing illigual and live in permanent risks


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