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Notion anglais, myths and heroes.

Cours : Notion anglais, myths and heroes.. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Myths and Heroes

I’m going to talk about the notion : Myths and Heroes, the first notion which I studied this year.

A myth is an ancient story which is not true. The aim of a myth is to explain natural or historical events.

Firts, some definitions of the terms of the notion :

A hero is a fantastic person, is someone who accomplished good acts. A hero stands up for what he believes in, he stands up for someone or something. He is admired for his qualities, and loved by the general public, they are often famous.

They are also forgotten heroes, unsung heroes, everyday heroes, for exemple who spend their life at the service of others, for the « greater good » like doctors, nurses, midwife, firefighters… Almost any famous person, who excels in his particular field can be considered as a hero because he gives hope, allows us to dream.

What influences do the heroes of today have on society ?

To be a hero you must fight for a cause, and girls education is a major cause.

An awareness campaign of January 2016 made by The Central Asia Institute shows the importance of education, for them education is the antidote for ignorance, poverty and war. This institute works with remote areas of Pakistan, Afghanistan… to promote education especially for girls. This campaign aims to demonstrate why the girl’s education is crucial. Today, in the world, there are more than 569 (five hundred and sixty nine) million women and girls illiterate because they don’t have access to education. This figure is stunning, because, if in a country the education of girls was equal to the education of boys, then this country would gain 1 billion dollars. The reason is that the child of a literate mother has a 50% greater chance of surviving past age 5, so this increases the population, and a literate and educated girl will make a skilled workforce. Moreover, the girls education provides higher earnings. This campaign is really to change people’s awareness of the importance of the woman in society.

The girl’s education is defended also by Malala Yousfzai, a young Pakistani, an interview by a journalist attest to her fight. This interview dates of October 2014, and she talks about Malala’s life before she was shot by the Taliban. Indeed her valley, in Pakistan, was under the influence of the Taliban who prevented all the girls from being educated. But Malala broke the rules because she wanted all girls to be educated at any price. After this period of Taliban’s control, girls could come back to school but there were still many troubles and one day, on 9th October 2012, Malala while she was coming home from school, was shot, but she survived. Because of this terrible act, Malala became the face of the fight for girls right to education. She explains in this interview why education means so much for her, she says that she didn’t want to stay at home, « a prison with four walls », cooking and giving birth. Following its position on girl’s education, she became a representative of women’s rights. In September 2015, at the 70th session of the general assembly, of the UN several world issues are discussed, like the refugee crisis, terrorism, poverty and the lack of education


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