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The Notion Of Myth And Heroes

Dissertation : The Notion Of Myth And Heroes. Recherche parmi 286 000+ dissertations

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I am going to talk about the notion of myth and heroes. First of all i would like to give a quick definition of that notion. A hero is a person admired for his achievements, noble qualities and great courage. They can be fictional like Superman, Batman and others…

Now, I’m going to focus on Barack Obama, the hero of modern times: He was born 4th 1961 in Hawaii bring up by his mother because his dad dies in a car accident. He makes big studies first and foremost at Columbia College then at Harvard. Before become president he worked as community organizer, politician and statesman .In the time, there was a lot of racism in the USA, though Obama succeed to become the 44th president in 2009. He is the first African American president to be elected in the USA. In the same years he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. At the head of the country, Obama completed foreign policy goals: he ending the war in Iraq, securing nuclear weapons from terrorists and finishing the fight against Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. Moreover, he completed domestic policy goals: insuring health insurance becomes available to all and combating the effects of the recession.

For Barack Obama, Abraham Lincoln is a model. A hero. A "extraordinary" source of inspiration, in which he did not stop drawing to forge his(its) political philosophy and his(its) report(relationship) to the world. Only from then on, he(it) decided to make of this president who proclaimed the abolition of slavery in 1863, ended the civil war and fought for the unity(unit) of its country, the invisible, but omnipresent hero, festivities which will accompany his(her,its) nomination.

The president of the United States Barack Obama greeted the inheritance of Martin Luther King which has, according to him, " offered the safety(salute) to the oppressed as to the oppressors ". Fifty years after the historic speech " I gaunt has dream " of the minister of Atlanta, and exactly in the same place in Washington, the first black president of the United States asserted that " his words are eternal, possess a power and an unprecedented prophetic character in our time "

In conclusion, Barack Obama, it’s a hero of modern times, because by resuming martin Lutter king’s ( no really president of usa) and Abraham Lincoln’s, he knew how to advance U.S.A in a new phase of American history.


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