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Adress Unknow livre de Kressman Taylor

Commentaire d'oeuvre : Adress Unknow livre de Kressman Taylor. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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She published A.U in 1938 at first in a story magazine. She became famous again a the end of the 20th century in europe.

Adapted to the screen in 1944, and many theatre adaptations worldwide. Its an epistolary genre , it's a short story to.

→ Correspondeance between two fictious characters . Letters → the lay out

The book start on Novembre 12, 1932 and ends in March 1934. It spands over 18 month.

Letter 1 → expository letter

  Martin Schulse                                 and                               Max Einstein

Lives in Germany, in Munich.                                        His name in the letter head  

Is married and has children has                                        suggest a partnership. They own

just got back to a free Germany                                         at the gallery in SF, US

after living some time in California                                        The letter opening suggest they Mried with Elsa who invited                                                 are friends. He studies in

Max every sunday                                                        Germany for some time he                                                                                   remerbers it with nostalgia,                                                                         the spell, music, culture

Letter 2 →                                                         Letter 3 →

From MARTIN TO MAX                                         From MAX TO MARTIN        

December 10th , 1932                                                January 21th, 1932

→ lign 72

Elsa family

Both letters show that the two men continue to have a close relationship almost like brothers. Martin calls him «  uncle Max » l.35 and confess a lot about his new life in Germany, activities, Elsa's excitement aout the new house... Martin also tells his friends that Griselle is welcome in Ger. As for Max, he tells about the sucess of their buiness even if he has qualms of conscience he feels « ashamed »

Finally he inquires about a new politicians called Adolph Hitler.

Letter 4 →                                                         Letter 5 →

From MARTIN TO MAX                                        From MAX TO MARTIN

March 25th , 1933                                                May 18th , 1933

Martin and Max are undoubtedly close friends as we can see from the letter openings and endings as well as from Martin's confessions about Hitler's rise to power. Ideed Martin feels confused and in same way torn for he feels something  good  is happening to Germany and yet he is « not sure »l,30

Letter 6 →                                                         Letter 7 →

From MARTIN TO MAX                                         From MAX TO MARTIN

July 9th,1933                                                        August 1st,1933

It's interesting to notice that there is a longer period between letter 5 in May 11933 and Martin's answer in July 1933 and indeed Martin has changed. He is solemnly asking his friend Max « to discontinue » their correspondance we understand that Martin now totally adopt Hitler's line of thought and wishes to stop his relationship with his Jewish friend l.68. He even suggest that the massacres of Jews is a necessity « an inciden » for a greater good.


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