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Locations and forms of power: the power of media

Fiche : Locations and forms of power: the power of media. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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I’m going to deal with the notion « Places and forms of power ». First, I’ld like to give a definition of the notion. Power is the ability to exercice authority and influence over others of course a society need laws and rules so people can leave together; this is going to create social harmony, social cphesion but sometime people can disagree and you’re a fine social tension. It can be exerted in different spheres : economy, politics, media… In relation to the notion, the topic of my presentation will be the power of media. We may wonder to what extent the press can be considered as a form of power.

On Saturday 5 may 2018 Donald Trump delivers his speech on twiter in front of NRA and laugh at attack in a Bataclan he imitated terrorist.This act of provocation show a drive to diffuse the bearing of arms.The media is commonly nicknamed the 4th power. The three first powers being the executive, the legislative and the judicial powers. By extension, the 4th power refers to the various means of communication which can be used as counter powers to limit the three other powers. The media has become so influential that they can be considered as a power in itself.In this case Donald trump try to share these ideas of use arms when smell danger.The NRA support this idea and they are help for many celebrity like Brad Pitt who say:” America is a country founded on guns.(…) It’s very strange but I feel better having a gun”.Here Brad pitt show the gun like an object of current life essential for live. The media are currently used for a campaign of pro gun,only the good side are diffuse with the children for exemple in Moms demand action the aim of publicity is to normalize gun.Indeed with the expression like we won’t sell kinder chocolate ,wh not assault weapons, this movment of pro gun found a sense of the fact to use a gun.It’s a same think with speech of Donald trump we need more gun so people to protect themself,particulary in school and all of place who are delicate.Since most of the long time America loves gun 88 guns per 100 people the reason is in early history with the second amendment who guarranted the right to self defense and NRA with this idea of bearing of arms serve people to protect themselves again’st criminal.Furthemore with the new campaign Moms like me The NRA would like to influence moms to join the association in the name of freedom to defend our families. The media here ar used for set the record straight about NRA and his first preoccupation helping citizen to defend himself and family.Their objectif is to sell weapon for all of people small or tall or children or parents but we don’t know the results.


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