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Synthèse, Mythes et héros: how can Pokemon Go and the augmented reality games have an impact on our lives and is it a good or a bad one?

Dissertation : Synthèse, Mythes et héros: how can Pokemon Go and the augmented reality games have an impact on our lives and is it a good or a bad one?. Recherche parmi 291 000+ dissertations

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So, in this presentation we are going to talk about the idea of progress. First, I would like to say what progress is. It is the idea that the World can have a positive evolution in different subjects such as sciences or technology. But those progresses may be subjective to the persons who talked about it as it can have a positive effect for some and for others a negative one.

That’s what happened to Pokemon Go the first of a new kind of game: augmented reality games. This game was a monster hit and a huge part of the word played on it. So our issue is: how can Pokemon Go and the augmented reality games have an impact on our lives and is it a good or a bad one?

So first, we are going to speak about the impact of the games on our life, then, the drawbacks and the dangers of these games and finally what to expect for their future.

So Pokemon Go is a game where the player belongs to a team. He catches and trains small monsters and then makes them fight. The novelty in this game is the augmented reality that permits you to see the little monsters in your surroundings. Therefore, this technology can change the perception of reality.


Firstly, we’ll talk about the impact on our society.

There’s a picture that show the influence of Pokemon Go on its players.

We can see 3 persons holding their phones with the same gesture; they all have the same stern and emotionless face. Because they look and do the same things we can think they are robots, soulless beings. Furthermore, we can see their eyes are hidden by the screens which deny them an identity so they’re anonymous like machines.                                         As they are only focused on their screens they are oblivious to their surroundings, this fact is underlined by the blank background.

In this way we can say that Pokemon Go may lead to isolation.

Then, there is also the impact of the game on the economy.

As any new popular thing, Pokemon Go can be use in business.

During an interview about the possibilities of business with the game, a lecturer said that there are many opportunities to generate business by persuading people to come into the shop and perhaps purchase some objects. So it could drum up business for little shop.

Nevertheless, if people are ready to pay for a T-Shirt or a mug while playing they won’t go as far as buying a car for example. However, they should be cautious about selling rare Pokemons to shop because it could be unprofitable on the long term, we could say it may kill the golden goose as it turns an innocent game into a commercial exercise.

So games such as Pokemon Go can have a big impact of our society but aren’t there any dangers? That is the subject I’m going to talk in the second part.

The BBC made a video about « Safety concerns as Pokemon Go is released in the UK », where the journalist talked about some accidents that already happened in the U.S. while being outside. While driving some people may become careless by paying more attention to the surroundings in their phone screens that the reality’s one. Pedestrians may also have accidents with car because of not watching ahead of them.        


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