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Myths and heroes: How can myths and heroes influence people’s careers?

Dissertation : Myths and heroes: How can myths and heroes influence people’s careers?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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I’m going to give a definition of this notion. A myth can be defined as An old

story about heroes, and A hero could be a person who is admired for his

achievements. This notion may include true and false myths and several kinds of

heroes such as THE good, bad or anti heroe. But now, I’m going to develop the

case of true myths and good heroes.

(problematique)The question we will try to answer through three different

documents, each having a different angle of view is: How can myths and heroes

influence people’s careers?

(Plan)To answer this question and illustrate this notion, I chose three documents.

My first document is an article without source. My second document is a

biography entitled “A successful woman”, and my last document is a recording

entitled “A new school in South Africa”.

(Lien entre les doc)My three documents are liked to myths and heroes and all

demonstrate that they can influence our lives and our careers.

(presentation) My first document is an article, where we can see different dream

jobs who can be considered as myths such as video games tester, trip tester, or

chocolate tester… these jobs can permit us to do what we love and win a lot of

money. however there are also some inconvenients for these jobs, indeed, the

video tester can become crazy, the trip tester can be considerated as unstable and

the chocolate tester can become become fat.

(message implicite du doc)This document shows that dream jobs can influence

our lives and that they’ve got also disadvantages.

(Prentation du doc)My second document is entitled “A successful woman” and

tells about Oprah Winfrey, one of the most influential people in America. This

woman is philanthropist, gives moneys to charities and she’s also child

advocate. She’s a heroine. Indeed she makes people thinks about mains issues

such as education and care.

(message implicite du doc)This document shows that a woman can be a heroine

and that a heroine can influence our careers indeed Oprah winfrey has a strong

positive impact on American people.

(presentaion)And My last document is a recording entitled “a new school in

south Africa” The school in question was created by Oprah and is named

"Oprah Winfrey leadership academy for girl". Oprah took 6 years to complete

this project. And this project has cost fourteen million of dollars. On three

thousand applicants, Oprah handpicked just fifteen hundred girls. Inside this

school, everything is state of the art. The girls who are chosen are very

ambitious, indeed some of them want to become president and others change the

world. Oprah knows their story because their story is her story. However, this

school has been criticized because she was too luxurious and elitist.

This document shows that a heroine such as Oprah can influence the trajectory

of life of people.

(notion traitee par les docs)Our three documents represent well the notion

because dream jobs can be a myth and Oprah can be considerate such as an


To conclude, Oprah is an example of heroine who can influence are lives by her

ideas and also with her money.

(MON AVIS)For me, today the world need more people like Oprah winfrey

because she can influence people to do good things.


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