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Myths and heroes: how can ordinary people became a heroes?

Thèse : Myths and heroes: how can ordinary people became a heroes?. Recherche parmi 291 000+ dissertations

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        I am going to talk about « Myths and heroes ». First of all, I would like to give a definition of a hero.A hero is someone who is admired for their courage, he is brave and he do outstanding action. He has a noble qualities. There are two categories of heroes. On the one hand there are the fictional superheroes who have superpower and one the other hand there are the real life heroes. The fictional superheroes can have superpower like character we can see in the book or a movie. However he can be a person who havn’t superpower, he can be simply and common, but he do a heroic act. A hero just can be a personal hero like yout father, mother or rol model, who we look up to.  To illustrate the notion I have chosen three documents. The first is the fireman, the second is Rekha Kalindi and the last is an extract of a moovies “ We were soldiers”. In this presentation I’ll try to answer the question “How can ordinary people became a heroes?”.

        To begin I’ll speak about the work of art Hero II, realized by Ben Turnbull, who represent a fireman. This work of art is a collage of the faces of Americans comics superheroes. Work of art’s goal is to show other heroes like we can see in comics, moovies or books. Fireman is a real life heroes because grace to this job they save and help people who have a problems. They often risk they life for others, for exemple when there is a big fire they aren’t reluctant to go save people. They are very courageous and they do very good actions. Firemen save life and protect us everyday. So to my mind fireman are heroes because they save life, they protect us. They are rescuers and we feel in security.

        Secondly, I spook about fireman so now I’ll speak about Rekha Kalindi, a young girl who is twelve. She come from to India on the village Bararola. In her tribe girls are forced to get married at twelve. Rekha became famous because she disagree with that and she revolted. It’s very courageous to do that because it’s a very old tradition, then her father punished she. He wanted to shame Rekha, he forbidden her to eatn to drink and to wash herself. Rekha resisted and she say she want study. Rekha is determined moreover she lives in poor condition, she has one room with seven other girls with no electricity, no running water and no toilet. She is not allowed to play and she has to work. Rekha is a heroe, she suffered for others and she achieve her goal,  she changed the lives of other girls. She can study and other girls can get married after eighteen. She is a heroe because she faught against an old tradition, she was extremely courageous, she prefered dying that to get married.

        Thirdly, I’ll speak about an extract of the film “ We were soldiers” who speak about soldiers who go in the war but the are also have a family life. In this extract we can see the American president who announced he send troops to Vietnam because it’s beginning of the war. We can see it’s complicated for they soldiers to live there family. To me a soldier is a hero cause they go in mission to defend his country. They are very courageous, strong, brave and patriotic. They risk they life for protect us.

        To conclude an ordinary people can be a hero if he does very good and extraordinary action, like save or help or protect other people. He can be a hero if he achieves his conviction, his goal and if he succed to changed and to do a better life for other people. You must to be determinded courageous, brave and strength if you want to become a hero.


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