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Spaces and exchanges: Does travelling have an impact on people?

Analyse sectorielle : Spaces and exchanges: Does travelling have an impact on people?. Recherche parmi 296 000+ dissertations

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I’m going to talk about the notion « spaces and exchanges ».

This notion deals with the geographical and symbolic areas that all societies occupy and the interactions between men and different societies.

My presentation will address the following question: does travelling have an impact on people?

In class, we are studying three documents, one of which is an article in the Air Canada newspaper, which is designed to encourage people to travel; The other is an excerpt from a novel: the unlikely pilgrimage of harold fry and the last one is a video about a Gap year.

First, I will speak about the reasons to travel.

Second, I am going to explain the consequences of travelling

To begin, I am going to develop the reasons. Some people travel to build a new life because they find their current life annoying and repetitive and they generally realize that they love the city dynamic. While other travel for work and for go back to nature. Many people pass from the countryside to the the city by professional obligation as a result they prefer the countryside for its quiet contrary to the city which is noisy and more populous. However, a gap year may be another reason for a trip. This makes it possible to discover a new country and give time for humanitarian actions in different places such as in an orphanage

To continue, I am going to develop the consequences of travelling. First of all, traveling for whatever reasons change our daily habits but also our way of living according to the experiences we have experienced. In addition, travels allow discover new places, countries, ways of life and cultures. Many change their behaviors as a result of their travels, new feelings and sensations are discovered. And then, some people may not be in their elements in one of their trips, for multiple reasons like for example, climate, landscape, citizens and lifestyle...

To conclude, travel has an impact on people, positively or negatively. They allow you to discover more and discover new surroundings. For my part, to change environment allows to recharge and to rest. My holiday place, the south of France, allows me to enjoy and to leave air forgetting everyday life. I would like to travel abroad and in the French islands.


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