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Myths and heroes : how do heroes have an impact on our society ?

Dissertation : Myths and heroes : how do heroes have an impact on our society ?. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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To start my presentation about myths and heroes, i will speak about the notion and also define it.

the myth evoke the human condition as a whole, and its story transmitted orally is then transmitted by a hero, a place or a community. It can be a popular belief.

The hero can be real or fictive, a mythological figure, an icon, a superhero, who has marked history and traditions.

Every period of time create some new heroes or tell stories of the old ones. The hero bring us values and aspirations, we can refer to them for a lot of things.

Every civilization has its own myths and its own heroes. Myths and heroes persist in time of every cultures.

In mythology a hero is a half human half god person, and nowadays it can be a normal one like doctors, soldiers, and all people who save our lives.

How does heroes have an impact on society ?

My documents are « real life superheroes and crisis » by craig johnson, an oral comprehension« what makes a hero », and an article called « nelson mandela » by jeff trussel.


In fact, everyone is refering to heroes.

In everydaylife, heroes are everywhere ans some people are called « real life heroes » like in the article of craig johnson. Real life heroes are here to help homeless people, sick people etc.

it can be a real association like « xtreme justice league » or just doctors, nurses or soldiers.

Heroes are fascinating for evryone, because of their abilities like superheroes or because of their ideas, like everyday heroes. Nelson mandela was one of these everyday heroes. People were fascinated by his ideas and by the fact that he was fighting for a free south africa. Like a real hero, he was a leader and has people to support him.

Today we call heroes the people that we admire, and we define our ideas in them because of their qualities : courage, loyalty, and justice. We all want to be defined by those qualities. This is why it is important for us to refer to them.

To conclude, in each civilizations, myths and heroes are present.

These have a tremendous influence on our society, our way of thinking, of doing things etc. they bring some values like loyalty, kindness, and courage.

The heroe can be real or fictive,it is a person who marked the traditions and history.

The cultures need their own heroes to refer to them. We must not forget that the definition of a myth or a heroe is subjective, it depends on every society.


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