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Myths and heroes - How can myths and heroes influence people’s career ?

Dissertation : Myths and heroes - How can myths and heroes influence people’s career ?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Pb : How can myths and heroes influence people’s career ?

I – La manière avec laquelle ils ont prise en main leur vie (self made-men) -> O Winfrey, Steve Jobs, (…)
II – Leur rôle héroique ds qq chose (Ed Rickenbacker, Eddie’s father, + firemen, cops)

        Today I will deal with the notion Myths and Heroes. First of all, I would like to give a brief definition of the notion.
A myth is a popular story which tries to guide the society toward certain values, or some ideal. Usually, it is composed of unreal fact and action, often led by a Hero. A hero is a courageous person who is ready to sacrifice himself to rescue other people’s. He may accomplish extraordinary deeds. Some heroes are famous for standing up against devil like Batman, Superman, Captain America, ect ,… We called their Superheroes. Whereas, some heroes are real-life persons who were outlaws to rebel against a given order, who protect the others, do extraordinary things… So, now, I will try to explain how can myths and heroes influence people’s career and life.
First, I will talk about those who push people to do everything to fulfill their dreams despite the hardships of life. Then I would talk about those who through their exceptional actions, encourage people to do courageous things.

First of all, heroes can become role models by the way they have taken control of their lives despite the difficulties of life. Indeed, certain difficulties such as a modest social background, health problems, a particular ethnic origin in a discriminated world, can compromise the dreams of some people. However, several well-known personalities have struggled hard to succeed in accomplishing their dreams and have never given up. For example, we studied in the year a document called Dream Job. It’s about Vince Papale,: at the beginning of his career he left his job, his wife left him and he had a cancer. Then, when everybody would have given up, he decided to fight against this cancer and to realize his dream to become a professional footballer. Now, he is a famous American footballer and the main character of the movie about his life: Invincible. We also saw a document about Oprah Winfrey who was exposed to other difficulties: be black women during segregation, born in a poor family and victim of sexual abuse. She was career-driven and strong-willing and then she reach to the top, becoming one of the richest and the most popular person in US in spite of those difficulties. And finally, I can talk about Steve Jobs, another self-made man, thanks to the NY Time’s article studied in class. Jobs was an orphan and he was adopted by a lower middle class family. He dropped out from school and he didn’t graduate from university. He had nothing to succeed, he started from scratch. Yet, he revolutionized the world of computers with his company: Apple. Over the years he climbed the social ladder just thanks to his strong-willing and self-determination. He was one of the most beloved businessmen. In fact, these characters have become models of determination for all those who encounter difficulties at one time or another of their lives, one must never give up to reach one's dreams, whatever the way.


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