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Places and form of power: the Mexican emigration

Cours : Places and form of power: the Mexican emigration. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Places and form of power: the Mexican emigration

The organization of any society implies a particular distribution of power between its different groups on an economic, political or social level.

In class we swathe example of Mexican’s immigration in the US where the spaces are the both sides of the frontier and the different forms of power at stake.

Economic powers:

To start we will speak of the economic power in the US, because immigrants accept low paid-job and hard working condition, Us employer need them both:

In Mexico, the money send by export to the nationals represents the third most important source of income. So the Mexican economy needs them too.

Political powers:

There are also political powers at stake. Anti-immigration groups put pressure on the US government to control immigration and vote strict laws like the latest Arizona laws to increase deportation.. Moreover at the border there are the minutemen, an American anti-illegal immigration group who catch the migrants and deliver them to the police.

At the same time, politicians are aware of the necessity for new laws to please the Hispanic populations to stay in Mexico.

Some volunteer, called humanitarians place water stations in remote border region to save migrant of death caused by dehydration.

Social powers:

This brings us to the will power of migrants to cross at any cost the border and the power of attraction of the American dream. In fact, Mexican migrant risky their life to cross the border to come in America. They must swim across the Rio Grande, walk across the desert or run across highway.

But this dream isn’t the real life of many migrants because they must fight to live this, to find a job, etc... As we saw in “Mexico’s migrants return as the American dream fades”, where it tells to us that the integration isn’t easy for example for children to learn English to follow at school.

The major part of migrant return to their homeland brings American skill and way of life with them.


So, to conclude, we can say that the Mexican immigration implies different forms of power in economic, political and social area.


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