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Places and forms of power: the influence of the media

Dissertation : Places and forms of power: the influence of the media. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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Places and forms of power

                        The influence of the media

I’m going to talk about the notion places and forms of power.

Firstly I would give a definition of that notion :

        Power : Is the ability to influence the behavior of people.

                 Can help to create social cohesion but can also lead to conflicts and tensions.

                 Even when the authority seems absolute, counter-powers can appeared to resist in front of this excessive authority.

        Media represent a kind of power because they are more and more present in our daily lives

Plan :  I. The media influences our everyday life

           II. The media can have a bad influence on us, it’s important to be carefull about them.


      I.The media influences our daily lives.

The media can have a good influence on people.

        . Can be a good tool for all of us

Effectly, in some situatons, they can help ton find a job

Ex : With social networks like Linked in → you can keep contact with other professionals and it’s a way to find a job.

        . Also usefull to stay in contact with far family or friends for exemple.

        . A way to stay informed → by online news, TV news…

It’s important to be mefiant but most part of the time, informations are more and more checked before be communicated

→ medias are essential in some case but it’s important to b conscious of the risks and be mefiant of informations.

      II. It’s important to be careful about them.

        . Television/ TV news : informations can be false particulary when they are a big event like bomb attack for exemple. In these case, media can cause fear of people because medias like news give a lot of details not very util to all people but they can be scared.

        . Social networks : a way of communication and information but it’s important to be careful about them.

   → Can be dangerous: harrassment are more and more common in actuality (Particulary at school)

It’s easy for harrassers because it’s easy to be anonymous on the web/ to hide behind a virtual account.

In contrary, social networks can show a picture of us which doesn’t reflect reality.

        . Ads commercial : Moreover, medias are more and moreused by brands to do ad. But sometimes the use intrusive way.

For ex : when you go on a website to buy clothes, this brand is going to push you to buy. It’s the consume society which create a need.

*To conclude we can say that medias can have a bad influence because of too much fake information. Medias can use on us their influence to manipulate people and it’s a sort of brainwashing because sometimes, people are not suspicious and lose their critical mind because they are blind in front of possible danger of media.

    But we can say that medias are necessary in our daily life.


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