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Myths and heroes : how can myths and heroes people's carrer and life ?

Analyse sectorielle : Myths and heroes : how can myths and heroes people's carrer and life ?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Today i will deal with notion of Myth and Heroes, an successful carrers. But to begin, i would like to give a definiton of this notion.

A myth is for some people a fictitious story, and for others, it can relate some real things or simply some ideal. It can constituate the foundations of a society or a culture.

A heroe is normaly a courageous person who does heroic thinks as save people, sacrificate his life for strangers or fight against devil. But it can also be a person who fight for great causes or for the weakest, or just is know for his incredible journey, that they strated from scratch and reach to the top. That’s a person who fulfil his dream.

So i will try to explain how can myths and heroes influences people’s carrer and life.

First i will talk about the people who make their dream come true, as name as self made-men or wemen.

Then i could talk about those who did heroic things, encourage people to do courageous things or just had an important role in today society.

Everybody knows that actually our society is govern by greed.

And that easyer to become somebody and famous when you come about the high society. Contrary to the people who come about blue collar neighbourhood. Indeed these two types of person don’t meet same problem and don’t have to overcome the same obstacles.

But some peolpe never gave up, as Vince Papale, who lost his job, his girlfirend and was diagnosed with a cancer. At this moment when everybody would have given up, he didn’t and decided to fight against his cancer and to fulfil his dream, and became a professional football player, who is a job who is socially recognize. Today he is a famous and is the main caracter of the movie about his life who’s name Invicible.

Furthermor, certain difficulty such as ethnic origins can compromise the dreams of some people.

Like for Oprah Winfray who knows the difficuty of be black women during segregation and was victim of sexual abuses.

She was carerre driven, and the she reach to the top, and now she is one of the richest person arround the globe and is the most popular and famous person in US.

Finally, let me tell you about Steve Jobs, he is the creator of apple. But his life didn’t be always simple. He was an orphan, he dropped school and isn’t graduate from univerity. Yet he revolutionized the world of computer and smartphone whit his company. We can say that he was a self determination and strong willing man.

All these person are models and example for everybody in our society, and remind that we have to never give up to reach one’s dream, whatever the way.


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