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Locations And Forms Of Power

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Locations and forms of power

I am going to talk about the notion of Locations and form of power. First of all I would like to give a quick definition of that notion.

« Places » could be important buildings or institutions that represent a certain form of power, for example Buckingham Palace – a symbol of the British monarchy, the White – a symbol of the American presidency. A place can also be a country or a state – for example the USA is a state which is powerful enough to influence events throughout the world (superpower) and China is a major economic power in today’s world.

The power is the ability to control others, events, or resources; the ability to make things happen despite obstacles, resistance, or opposition. This of course leads to conflict between those who have power and those who don’t.

We will ask in what extent the power affect our life?

We will see at first what is the power before see in second time his ability to influence others.

I. What is the Power?

First, in politics and social science, power is the ability to influence the behavior of people. In order to live together members of a community accept rules, regulations, and laws. This helps to create social cohesion but can also lead to conflicts and tensions. Even when authority seems absolute, there are always counter-powers which question it, aim at limiting its excesses and resist it.

II. The ability to influence others

The power greatly influences our lives. Indeed, everyone aspires to possess it; however it is not within the reach of all. There are different forms of power.

First, there is Economic and political power. In fact,

– The « superpowers » thanks at them dominant position in the international system with the ability to influence events and its own interests and project power on a worldwide scale to protect those interests – USA)

– emerging countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China, are now playing an increasingly important role in the global economy, with this group of four powerful developing economies sometimes referred to as the BRIC countries)

If we look at the power of the media for example we can see how much it can influence the public opinion. The mass media plays an important role in forming our personality, enriching our knowledge, providing us with information of any kind.

Mass media can have an effect on our personal identity: it can help us to feel that we are part of a group (social networks) but on the other hand it can contribute to a feeling of isolation.

Media can have a strong political influence or can shape the way we perceive certain groups of society – minority groups, pressure groups…mass media is powerful because it makes us believe what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior (for example in reality TV).

However, the media can also be used as weapons for the counter power denouncing political corruption or even to fight against a government decision in the sense that a petition can run on social networks to prevent a decision by the State.

III. Conclusion



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