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Location and forms of power: How is voting a powerful weapon in the United States?

Fiche : Location and forms of power: How is voting a powerful weapon in the United States?. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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I'm going to talk (tolk) about the notion « Places and forms of power ». First of all, I would like to give a quick definition of this notion.  Power is a synonym of might. In my opinion power is the ability to control others, events, or resources (resocice); the ability to make things happen despite obstacles, resistance(rezistence)  or opposition. Power is the ability to influence (iiinfluence)  the behaviors of people. This year in class we studied (studid) several (sevral) documents about the location and form of power. I have 3 documents that I'm going to present to you.  In order to illustrate this notion I have chosen to talk about the US Presidential election. And I will attempt (atteempt) to answer (anser)  the question: How (haw) is voting a powerful weapon in the United States? To understand the power of voting in the United States, we must take concrete examples.

To answer this question(kwestion)  I will present three documents…….

  • The first document I chose is an image "how to become president of the United States" which explains by a small commentary: the process to become President of the United States.

In the United States, they first choose large voters, .They will then vote directly for their candidate              for the presidency. The Candidates then campaign across the country to explain their opinions and projects to voters. During the general election, the Americans go to the polls to vote for the president. To win, the next president will have to win the absolute majority of the major voters. An election for the President of the United States occurs every four years on Election Day, in mid-November.

  • The second document I chose is an online article from the American student newspaper "The Clarion" published on March 23, 2016, discussing the importance (iimportnce) of youth voting,                                                                                                               it’s easier than ever to be an educated voter.                                                                                                                                           In this day and age, there is no excuse not to vote because you don’t know enough (enouf) about the candidates. Social media sites provide ample material to learn about the positions politicians hold.  Obama’s popularity with young voters may have been one of the key factors that helped(helpd)  him to win the 2008 (two thousand and eight) . Your vote does matter, maybe more than you realize.

  • The third document I chose is an American documentary film "WHERE TO INVADE NEXT" by Michael Moore released (releasd) on September 14 (fourth-teen), 2016, (two thousand and six-teen) which deals with (wif). Moore, playing the role of "invader," is visiting a host of nations to learn how the United States could improve their own prospects. In the documentary, he visits many countries:  Italy, France, Finland, Slovenia, Germany, Portugal, Norway, Tunisia, and Iceland; respectively, the subjects covered are worker benefits, school lunches, early education, college education, worker inclusion, decriminalized (de-cri-mi-na-liiiized) drugs, low recidivism, women's health care, and women inclusion. Through (thru) this film the Americans can observe what could be improved in the country and by electing people who are able to change things (fings). As we have seen in document 3 adult life brings many new challenges, such as, buying a house, paying for your own health insurance. That why you can make political decisions that can make your life easier (izier) and even (ivin) better.                                                                                                                                                                

To conclude in my opinion each of the documents allowed (alawd) to clearly define how voting is a power in the United States. According to me the vote is clearly a power because it allows (alaws) Americans to change the areas to address in document 3 such as health, Schooling etc by voting.  


The notion I’m going to talk about is myths and heroes. To begin with, I’d like to give a definition of these two terms. A myth is a story that may or may not be true. Some myths may have started (startid) as ‘true’ stories (sto-ris) but as people re-told them some parts may have been changed, by mistake or to make them more interesting (iiiiiin-tres-ting) . A hero is a person who is admired (ad-mard) for his or her courage, outstanding (awt-stan-ding) achievements, or noble qualities.  Indeed if myths and heroes are present in many societies, they probably have different specificities depending on the cultures they are anchored (an-kord) in. To illustrate this notion, I will concentrate on the myth that is the American Dream. James Truslow Adams gave a definition of the American Dream: "Life should be better and richer and fuller  for everyone, with opportunity for each person according to his or her abilities or achievements “regardless (re-gard-les) of social (so-chial) class or circumstances (cir-cum-stan-sis) of birth". The American dream is rooted (ruuu-tid) in the Declaration of Independence: "all men are created (crea-tid)  equal (i-kwal)" with the right (raiiiiiit) to Life (laiiiiiiiiiiif), Liberty and the pursuit (pur-siout) of Happiness". But Is the American dream a myth or a reality? To answer (ans-a) this question we will see the different myths concerning the American dream and if this notion is really (rili) true. To answer this problem I chose four documents studied (stu-did) in class:


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