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Résumé des différents thèmes en anglais : Locations and forms of power et The idea of progress

Fiche : Résumé des différents thèmes en anglais : Locations and forms of power et The idea of progress. Recherche parmi 280 000+ dissertations

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I – Locations and forms of power : (Introduction Problematic)

 I would like to talk about the notion of locations and forms of power.

 First of all, power is the ability to influence people’s behavior, it can be related to law, money, media, medicines, men and their opinions, thus (= as a result). What is the impact of power in the world?

 Therefore (=for that reason), I will illustrate my arguments with the following video I selected: “The Great Indian Dream”. The video talks about Mahatma Gandhi, the leader in India’s struggle to gain independence from Great Britain, and he focused on the importance of economic independence for India, the Indian social reformer whose invention, non violent actions, changed the face of the 20th century.

 The video talks as well(=aussi) about Gandhi, the man who led modern India, to independence from British rules, and Gandhi’s efforts to improve Indian civil rights, he also said that the India’s future is not in the cities but in the hands of the land’s people.

To wrap up(= pour conclure), we can say that Gandhi coerced (=forced) governments to change their policies(=leur politique) and to achieve(=atteindre) independence for India, Gandhi’s methods have been adapted and used by people seeking(=cherchant) social change or revolution in many parts of the world.

II – The idea of progress:

 I would like to talk about the notion of the idea of progress, we can say that the idea of progress consists in believing that the world can become better in terms of science, technology, liberty and quality of life. This idea has shaped many civilization’s vision of history. Progress indicates changes, evolution from old traditions to a  new and modern ones.

I will deal this notion through the evolution of the family over the time, thus (=as a result) I am going to explain “how does the evolution of society influence family’s structures?”.

Therefore, I’ll illustrate my arguments with the following video I selected the great India Dream, because the video talks about the quick education extend to all parts of the subcontinent funded by(= fondé par) official programs, it’s most welcomed by the girls, and lifting (=increasing) many children out off illiteracy and opening up new opportunities.

It’s a first step in enabling India’s children of today to go on (=poursuivre), to live the great modern Indian dream. India moves towards(=vers) becoming a world superpower, the computing and the communications revolutions have put India at the heart of the world’s network of remote service provision (= prestation de services à distance) which lets young graduates aspire(=want) to work in India. They are the leading edge (= les leaders d’un mouvement) of communications technology.

Conclusion :

 To wrap up (= to conclude) we can say that however India is far from being a homogeneous (=homogène) country. Indeed (= en effet), there are a lot of problems to solve in this country such as poverty of the majority of the population.


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