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Locations and forms of power : what kind of power do we find in the society ?

Fiche : Locations and forms of power : what kind of power do we find in the society ?. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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Before talking about the notion of Locations and forms of power, I’m going to give you a general definition of it.

Locations represent lot of things, like Locations of everyday (School and Home), Area (Beaches and Mountains) or again Cities and countries (United-States, Great Britain, Canada).

As for Power, it represents an ability to control a person or a thing and it makes you superior to everyone. For example, somebody can be superior to me by his intelligence, beauty or his physics. In this way the person who has the power is the person who is superior and who possesses control.

« What kind of power we find in the society? »

Développement :

In this way to answer at this question, firsly i'm going to introduce to you what we have seen in class and then the topic I have chosen.

The power can be represented in different ways, as authority,dictatorship or the law of strongest.

There are also lot of others exemples like “Political power”, “Power of love”, “Power of words” or “Physical power”.

The power or sooner, the kind of power I have chosen is the “Gender Gap”.

The gender gap is a discrimination between male and female and it is located in many countries like India, Africa, Afghanistan or again in Mexico and Italia. It can be represented by insults, domestics violence, rape but also machismo, misogyny and inequality at school and work.

A document we have seen in class represent perfectly this idea and his name is “I'm an everygirl and I escaped my arranged marriage”.

This document is a testimony of Shelly Ulaj where she talks about her life according to the Albanian values, which is the hospitality and the loyalty. She grew-up in New-York between two cultures and she began to feel the difference of treatment between her and her brother. At the age of 17 years old she got married with an albanian men ten years older, who choose her during an other marriage. She couldn't contest this decision because it was her parents who have decided it and word's parents is sacred especially that of the father. A girl represents the name of the family in the society, she musts be reserveed and must obey. On the contrary of the man, she can't go out home to take a walk for exemple, she can't practice activity and even less singing and dancing. It's better she stays at home to fill home and to cook.

Finally in 2007 she decided to leave from the home without say anything, for her it was unbearable to don't have choice and can't talk if her husband don't allowed her; and that's what illustrate the discrimination between mal and female.

For me this document shows verry well the Gender gapp and also the power of the culture on a person in the society.

The subject I have chosen concern the situation of Women facing another discrimination.

We consider only the half of


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