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The Witch Hunting notion of Location and Form of power

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I’m going to talk about the notion « Places and forms of power », First of all I would like to give a definition of Locations and Power. Locations are a site, a position or the state of being located,  and Power is defined to a person, group, or nation having great influence or control, and the ability to exercise control and authority. In, this presentation I would like to talk about discrimination or racism on minorities or group of people. First we will see witches in the 17th century in America, then we will study « witch hunting » in the 20 th century, and finally we will speak about scapegoating.

So, in the 17th century when the puritans flee her country to settled in New England, in the city of Salem, Massachusetts, many people were accused of witchcraft. In fact, puritans had very strict moral codes, they believed that women were by nature more tempted by the devil than men. And in 1692, salem experienced, one of Colonial American’s most notorious cases of mass hysteria, indeed the with hunting was omnipresent, more than 200 people were accused to conspired with the devil and also responsible for al lot diseases and death. Finally , 20 people were hanged. This witch hunting can be explained by popular belief. People attributed all mysterious things to the devil and women were ideal victims to explain all this tragedy.

As to the 17th century, we found the notion of « witch hunting » in the 20th century in USA. During the cold war, the American government, hunt down all the communism in The USA, because they were considered like enemys or spy. The FBI had the responsibility to arrest the Americans communist for that, they tried to manipulate citizens and used different strategies to force people to give communist names. By giving the FBI information they could be cleaned from all suspicion. On the contrary, if they didn't cooperate they were considered guilty. This period was known under the name of « witch hunting ». So many people were accused without real reasons to be witches in the 20th century.

Even if today witch hunting doesn't really exist, numerous people are still rejected and excluded, without real reason. Especially small community in some countries, as in America : after the attack on « pearl harbor », the Japanese communities living in the states was suspected of wanting to help the enemy, and they feared being the tragets of retaliation. So they were the victims of American prejudice. They were scapegoats.

As a conclusion, we can say that witch hunting began a long time ago, but today doesn't really exist such as it was before, but it didn't disappear, it evolved and continued in other forms, for example racism about certain culture or origine and also anti-semitism about religion and ideology.


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