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Locations and forms of power : Can the right to own a weapon guarantee security?

Fiche : Locations and forms of power : Can the right to own a weapon guarantee security?. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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        I’m going to talk about Locations and forms of power. First of all, I would like to give a definition:

         The notion of power generally implies a basic division between those who have and exercise power and those who have none or little of it. As a consequence, the exercise of power within a community requires that its members accept a complex system of laws and rules, and respect symbols such as specific places (court, parliament, castle…), which help to create social cohesion on the one hand, and which reveals quite clearly the conflicts and tensions within the group on the other hand.

        Indeed, even when authority seems absolute, there are always counter-powers (which) that question it, aim (at limiting) to limit its excesses and resist it.

        We focused on the right to own arms in the USA.

        So my issue question is: - The right to own weapons can it guarantee us security?

Can the right to own a weapon guarantee security?

        To answer this question, I have chosen 3 documents:

                -My first document is A brief history of USA:

        I chose this video document to explain the origin of the right to own weapons in the USA.

Firstly, the pilgrims went to the new world and killed Indians. In 1775, they killed the British to independence, but they are not quiet (tu veux dire quoi?), so the 2nd Amendment was passed to right to hold a weapon.

Later (donne un siècle), The Americans decided to develop slavery but the slaves rebelled two centuries later. It was then that Samuel Colt invented the first pistol to shoot several times. With that, whites Americans  felt safer and could kill slaves. Unfortunately for them, the north allowed the blacks... (explicite un peu plus)

        In 1871, the Ku Klux Kland  was declared an illegal terrorist organization and the National Riffle Association was founded. The NRA through the American government passed a law prohibiting the carrying of weapons to Black-American.

        In 1995, the black population began to ask for rights. Some White people got scared and his in white disctricts with security. They bought 250 Millions weapons as well, they felt safe. The final scene of the video shows a father shooting his newspaper deliveryman out of sheer panic and then, and we see the family with a weapon each. Finally, the voiceover says, "and they lived happily until the end of time," ironically

                -The second one is Father and child:

        I chose this picture because I found that I think it illustrates how the use of weapons can keep people safe and can help defend people’s loved ones that we are safe and can defend our loved ones. This photo is a medium shot of a father and his child. The father is carrying his child in his right arm and holding a gun in his left hand.

What is particularly striking of course, is the gun. It is the focal point of the picture.

        The father is gazing at the photographer and seems to be proud of himself. His attitude reveals that he feels strong. It seems that, in his opinion, he is a good father, ready to fight for his child, to protect her.


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