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Dissertation : AVANTAGES AND CONSEQUENCES OF THE INTERNET. Recherche parmi 248 000+ dissertations

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Ministère Des Enseignements Secondaires De La Formation Technique

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  1. ABDOUL Mohamed Hac                                Mr TOGAN Anselm
  3. BOKPE Bénédicta
  4. HOUNTON Débora
  5. SOSSOU Amandine

        Année académique : 2017–2018



        ─CORPS DU DEVOIR                        

▪Give the definition of internet

▪Give the advantages of internet

▪Give the consequences of internet



▪Student’s book


▪ Research Personal



In the past we don’t have internet. So, actualment the internet is in the first five list of communication. He has a lot of advantages and also consequences. In we development we are going to tell you the advantages and the consequences of the internet.


        ▪Definition and generality

Internet is the most important network of communication. It’s created by the American Paul Baran for a network which binds all the parts of the globe. Also called World Wide Web, it works on multiple applications and functions. It designates the entire network interconnected constituted of computers linked and utilizing the same protocol of data’s transfer. The rapidity of exchanges and the capacity of storage increase little by little so that internet permits nowadays in all point of the network, liberty and instantly a send or a receive of data so as exchange of information, idea, knowledge, and competences through the world.         

        ▪Advantages of internet

Means of communications has greatly developed over the last two decades. So, a lot of people such as lawyer’s teachers’ scientists, police officer or doctors use the internet for professional collaboration. With the internet you can also search information, read articles about many things, like news or sports, advertise well and ever play games. Some African, European and American universities offer possibility for long distance, teaching and learning on the internet.


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