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Anglais Pet dogs are the new must-have accessory at the smarter office

Dissertation : Anglais Pet dogs are the new must-have accessory at the smarter office. Recherche parmi 233 000+ dissertations

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I. Write the rapport of this in english

This text is untitled «Pet dogs are the new must-have accessory at the smarter office » and extracted form the American newspaper The Guardian. It’s date back May 7th 2017 and deals with companies use the animals of companies to reduce the stress to the work. This method is used in start-up as Google or Amazon.

Companies use the animal magnetism to reduce the stress to the work to attract and keep employees stemming from the Y generation particulary in the start-up. To Google and Amazon animals are a part of the corporate culture and special arrangements were designed for them so that the staff can take care of them. Rooster Punk a leading of London agency testify which the dog of an employee allows has a person who feels put under stress or depressed to feel better and to fight against it. According to an investigation led in 2016 by the hospital for pets of Banfield show that 82% of the employees feel more faithful to the companies with like animals, 88% that they improve the morale and 86% that they reduce the stress. Laura Wolf a branch manager declares that her dog is a real stimulant for the employees and the major advantage for companies are strategic and marketing. If the employees possess a pet and have no child it their would avoid of managed later and to leave earlier some work.

To conclude start-up companies accept pet at work but the company should possess a spare space for animals and they have to must be inoculated, not agressive and not run without leash.

II. Expression

« Dogs are real morale booster". What else can employers do to boost their employees morale ?

- First the employer can authorize to have a dog present in the company as the mascot that the employees could go to see during their pose to have lunch or their breaks to spend time with him.

- Secondly if it is a large company the employer can create a space for dogs for the employees can bring their pets to go to see him during the work and to play with him.

- Thirdly the employer can motivate his employees by setting up a challenge between the employees for example to win a dog for the best seller of the company.


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