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The idea of progress: how new technologies have changed our lives?

Dissertation : The idea of progress: how new technologies have changed our lives?. Recherche parmi 294 000+ dissertations

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The idea of progress

I’m going to talk about the notion of idea of progress.

It’s the idea that advances in technology, science and social organisation can produce an improvement in the human condition, we can make a connection with the internet that helps to make our lives easier.

How new technologies have changed our life ?

First, we will see how the internet has developped during those last years ;

Then, we will see the profits of the internet and social networks ;

Finally, we will see the consequences of new technologies.

I. The improvement of the internet

Firstly the internet is probably the most important technological revolution in the last decades, it has grown very fast in only five years to reach fifty million users, it’s less than radio witch needed thirty eight years.

Beside, all the world can have access to it, but in some regions like Africa aren’t connected as much as in north America because there is only one person in ten who have access to it.

Secondly the internet has a huge impact on our society, today we can search anything thanks to search engine like google, Yahoo… and have a million responses in a few second. By the way, google is the most search engine used in the world, it is extending to create various applications useful like google mail, drive, google home…

II. The profits of internet and social network

There is millions of different social network and a lot of different ways to use them. For exemple, there is facebook, which allows people to talk with friends or family that they haven't seen in a very long time, and sharing pictures … there is youtube where we can share videos like music, tutos that can be seen by the entire world and some people can become famous thanks to it.

Social networks allow us to be connected to the world everytime, everywhere

About the new technologies, we can say that they have allowed some people to stay at home to work, it’s named : telecomuting and the comunication is due to the internet. Telecomuting has grown by four hundred percent in the last ten years. Some people love telecomuting, because it allows them to spend more time with their family, not being stuck in trafics and have more flexiblesschedules. However others hate it because they don’t have a social life and real conversations anymore with is a real obstacle to team work and sharing ideas.

III. the consequences of new technologies

Despite all that, new technologies have drawbacks mostly in social network. Some person think that there is a difference between reality and social network, but there is not. And so some persons have a different caractere when they are behind a screen, they can be impulsive, narscistic and childish and think that what they say has no consequences for others, but they’re wrong. Some people can be hurt, and can do bad things.

To conclude, the new technologies are really important this day, especially in work, big firms need them to improve themselve in the world. I


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