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Who are the rangers of the United States?

Fiche : Who are the rangers of the United States?. Recherche parmi 240 000+ dissertations

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Who are the rangers of the United States?

The United States Rangers unit is one of the commanders of the United States Army. This regiment is a light infantry unit dedicated to special operations, they are highly trained and quickly deployable. The infantry is alls an infantryman. This unit is rich in heritage and traditions. The 75th Ranger Regiment is the only unit of soldiers currently in the United States Armed Forces.

The ranger is a leader able to adapt to all the most hostile environments and to his order a small group of men. The ranger is a leader who has all the qualities.

Veterans of Rogers Rangers, including Army General Israel Putnam and Brigadier Generals John Stark and Moses Hazen, played a major role in the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War. The traditional use of the term "ranger" had a limited application during this war. Various states employed Ranger units for border security, but the Continental Army formed very few, partly because George Washington considered border security a responsibility of local authorities, and concentrated national armed forces against the regular British and German armies.

Aside from the separate rifle regiments and companies of Pennsylvania and the southern states (known officially or commonly as rangers but who fought more as light infantry than as ranger infantry), the Continental Army formed only two rangers: the "rangers". Knowlton "and the" Whitcomb Rangers ".

The "Knowlton Rangers" were a temporary unit of three volunteer companies from the Connecticut and Massachusetts Line Infantry Regiments, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Knowlton and established in late summer 1776 in New York City. . They fought with excellence as light infantry at the Battle of Harlem Heights on September 16, 1776, during which Knowlton was mortally wounded. Two months later, the remains of the unit fell into the hands of the British during the surrender of Fort Washington. Among the "rangers of Knowlton", Nathan Hale became famous as a spy.

The "Whitcomb Rangers" were originally similar to the previous ones, constituting a temporary ranger unit on the Lake Champlain Front in 1776. It became a permanent unit of two companies on October 15 of the same year, and was charged with recognition for the Northern Department until it was dissolved on January 1, 1781 in Coos, New Hampshire, during the general reorganization of the Continental Army. Most of the "Whitcomb Rangers" came from New Hampshire and Hampshire Grants (now Vermont).


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